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Summer Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Looking for summer lifestyle blog post ideas? I’ve got you covered.

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Don’t get stuck not knowing what to write about in the summer. This list of 100+ summer lifestyle blog post ideas will keep your content and viewer count flowing and growing all through the summer months.

Summer is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. I love writing about summer and all things related! As a blogger that means writing seasonal content for my blog. Warm sunny days, beach trips and no school are all things I am looking forward to this writing about this summer.

summer lifestyle blog post ideas


Brainstorm ideas using your current content. Did you know that one blog post can create many more blog posts. Simply expand further on points covered in your post to create new related content.

Write about what’s currently popular/trending. This can be any topic relating to your niche. Pinterest and social media are great tools to find trending topics and ideas.

Answer questions related to your niche. Ask Google. Type in keywords relating to your niche and check out the top posts on Google. What questions are your audience asking? What problems do they have?

Be active on at least one social media platform. So that you can keep with what’s going on in the world, with topics not related world news. Social media is a great way to find out what’s trending and popular.


Honestly, Pinterest is my #1 go to to see trending tops and become inspired. The perfect place to look for summer blog post ideas!

When you create and pin to boards, Pinterest suggest topic ideas or keywords, related to the content you’ve been pinning. Cool right?
Simply click the search bar, & you’ll see “Shopping Spotlights,” “Ideas for you.” and “Popular on Pinterest.”

Screenshot from my Pinterest Home Feed

100+ Summer lifestyle blog post ideas


  1. Why you love summer
  2. Your summer bucket list
    Check out My Sun-Filled Summer Bucket list here!
  3. Fun summer date ideas
  4. Best things to do during the summer season
  5. Your summer morning routine
  6. Your summer night time routine
  7. Why summer is the best season of the year
  8. Summer Wedding Gift Ideas
  9. Your typical summer day
  10. # books to read this summer
  11. How to get your kids back to school ready
  12. Back to school lunch ideas
  13. Your summer music playlist
  14. Inspiring summer quotes
  15. Fun ways to spend a summer night
  16. Best summer activities
  17. How to create a summer staycation
  18. Hottest summer trends of this year
  19. List your summer goals
  20. Share your favourite summer experience


  1. What to pack for a summer picnic
  2. Top 10 summer cocktails
  3. Healthy summer meals
  4. How to make homemade summer ice-cream
  5. Gluten free summer snacks
  6. Tastiest BBQ recipes
  7. How to make homemade popsicles
  8. The best summer food and wine pairings
  9. how to make homemade lemonade
  10. Easy summer dinners

summer fashion and beauty blog post ideas

  1. Best summer beach outfits
  2. Makeup ideas for hot summer days
  3. Hottest summer nail ideas
    Check out, Hot Summer nail designs you need to try!
  4. Summer clothes you need in your closet
  5. Summer hairstyles for hot weather
  6. What’s in your summer beach bag
  7. Summer Festival outfit ideas
  8. How to treat a sunburn
  9. Hottest summer makeup trends
  10. Beautiful sundresses to wear this summer
  11. Perfect pool part outfits
  12. Best waterproof mascaras
  13. Most flattering swimsuit for your body type
  14. How to combat oily skin in the summer
  15. Best Canada Day outfits for 2023
  16. Most comfortable shoes for every summer occasion


  1. How to stay fit and healthy this summer
  2. Summer workout ideas
  3. Switch up your workout – outdoor summer workouts
  4. Foods to keep you hydrated this summer
  5. Best vitamins to take in the summer
  6. Family friendly workout ideas
  7. How to practice self care in the summer
  8. 6 week summer slim down challenge
  9. Start a new healthy habit this summer
  10. How to stay hydrated while working out

Summer travel blog post ideas

  1. Summer travel guides in your city
  2. Cheap beach vacations
  3. How to travel safely this summer
  4. Top # summer travel destinations
  5. Best places to go to beat the heat
  6. Advice for solo travellers
  7. Top 10 Best family beaches to visit
  8. How to survive a long road trip
  9. Best times to travel during the summer
  10. Travel mistakes to avoid

Summer Home Decor Blog Post ideas

  1. Transition your home decor from spring to summer
  2. Summer home backyard favourites
  3. Outdoor backyard ideas
  4. How to grow an outdoor/indoor garden
  5. How to lighten your home decor for summer
  6. Your favourite summer decorating ideas
  7. DIY summer decor
  8. Summer front porch ideas
  9. Low maintenance summer plants you need to have in your home
  10. Home renovations you can do in the summer

finances blog post ideas

  1. How to save for a summer vacation
  2. How to make extra money this summer
  3. Free things to do in your city this summer
  4. How to save on utilities during really hot summer days
  5. Best time to shop summer deals
  6. # side hustles to start this summer
  7. Cheap summer activities to do this summer
  8. Why summer is the best time to start a savings account
  9. Passive income during the summer
  10. How to save for a summer time Disney vacation

Summer Arts and Crafts

  1. Craft courses to join this summer
  2. Why you should start a craft blog this summer
  3. Summer crafts you can make with the kids
  4. DIY crafts using things from outdoors in nature
  5. 15 paper fan crafts to keep you cool all summer long
  6. How to create summer sidewalk chalk
  7. Sunshine inspired summer crafts for kids
  8. DIY summer decorations
  9. # fun crafts for adults
  10. Easy crafts using things found in the home

Blogging Summer blog post ideas

  1. Should you take a summer break from your blog?
  2. How to automate your blog while on vacation
  3. What is the “summer slump” and how to fix it
  4. How to prepare your blog for the fall and winter seasons
  5. Your own list of summer blog post ideas
  6. Why you should start a blog in the summer
  7. Roundup of best summer lifestyle bloggers
  8. Summer blogging do’s & dont’s

100+ summer lifestyle blog post ideas to write all summer long.

I hope this list has been helpful to you!
Summer is also a great time to start working on blog posts for fall and winter.
Also updating your website and older blog posts and creating new engaging content.
Learn how to write engaging blog posts that your audience will want to read!

Wishing you an awesome summer!



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