So you want to get a cat?

Advice for those wanting to get a cat

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Cats can be sweet, loveable household pets. They’re perfect for those who want to get a cat.

Their soft fur, cute little paws & sweet meows can all have you feeling like you want a furry feline friend.

While cats can be sweet and cute, they are a big responsibility. If your deciding that you would like to get a cat, it must be a well researched, well thought out decision.

Cats are part of the Felidae family. They are the only domesticated species in the family. Commonly referred to as the domestic cat or the house cat. Your new bestfriend kitty, has a long lifespan of 12 to 18 years. You need to be ready for that lifetime commitment.

want to get a Cat?

Many cats are sweet and loveable, yet can be found to be quite standoffish. These household pets would prefer to sleep the day away. Newborn cats and kittens tend to sleep around 20 hours a day, while adult and senior cats can sleep anywhere between 12-20 hours a day!

sleepy cat

Cats dream just like humans! During their REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, cats do most of their vivid dreaming.

Playful kitty

Cats don’t spend their whole day sleeping. Cats love to play too! Mouse toys, lasers, boxes from the online product you ordered, cats will always keep themselves well entertained if need be.

Younger cats tend to be more playful & active. Generally the older a cat gets, the less active and playful they become.

Although the above may be true, different breeds of cats have different temperments and behaviours. Different breeds may also have different lifespans. Making their life and care a little bit different.

Its important to do your research on the cat breeds that will suit your lifestyle.

Your house will always be blessed with love, laughter and friendship, if you have a cat.

Lewis Caroll
so you want to get a cat? new cat owner

Regular Checkups

When getting a pet, it is extremely important to realize that they will need to be cared for correctly.
That may include;

  • Taking your pet to the vet when necessary
  • Shots and Vaccinations
  • Regular grooming and maintance

Just like humans and dogs, cats need regular vet checkups too!

Many people believe that cats do not need to visit the vet as often as dogs since they do not usually go outside. And unless their cat is looking and acting distressed or sick, many cat owners won’t take their cat to the vet.

Be the better cat parent..

Cats need to be seen regularly by a veterinarian. During these vet checkeups, your cats veterinarian will inspect your cats body and overall health, check and clean their teeth, and administer vaccines if necessary.

Even indoor cats require vaccines too!

cat at the vet

Kittens and younger cats may require more frequent checkups & it is recommended that older cats start receiving more checkups and care as they age.

You might also want to decide if you want to spray or neuter your cat in the beginning or later on in life. Make sure to talk to your vet if those might be your plans.


When they are not sleeping, cats spend around 15% of their waking hours grooming themselves. For cats, grooming is a way of self care.

Kitty grooming stimulates blood flow, regulates body temperature and helps kitty to relax. Grooming is also a sensory experience for cats.

Cats worlds are highly sensory. “Licking” themselves is their way of covering themselves with their own scent to establish their “sensory” presence in the world.

Although cats do groom themselves, it’s not a bad idea to give your kitty a little “helping hand”. Brushing your cats coat can help keep it shiny and healthy. As well as limit the amount of hairballs. Yuck!

If your kitty has somehow gotten themselves a little too dirty

(say, playing in mama’s plants perhaps?),

a warm cloth with some warm water only should do the trick.

A warm washcloth can also help to clean the “crusties” out of kitties ears and eyes.

Kitty’s nails need to be trimmed frequently. Most cats should have their nails trimmed every two weeks. Kitty nails can grow pretty fast!

Scratching posts may not be enough to really file them down, even if you do have a cat that really likes to scratch.

Not having cat nails trimmed regulary can lead to them growing curved into the paws which can cause injury and infections.


Cats like to scratch, a lot. Cats scratch for many different reasons. Sometimes they scratch to express emotions such as stress and excitement.

Scratching also helps to file down their nails. Cats also have scent glands in their paws, so your feline friend could be marking their territory with their paws.

In my humble cat mommy opinion, cats need scratching posts.

Cats looove to scratch! If a scratching post is not available, trust me when I tell you, your kitty WILL find something else to scratch. Your couch, your bed legs, your favourite carpet. Kitty will scratch them all!

I recommend having multiple scratch posts or scratch objects in different rooms of the house to protect your beloved furniture. Cats can scratch simply because their bored, thats why scratching posts, cat trees, and cat toys are a must.

Cat trees

Cat trees are structures designed for cats to play and relax on. Ranging in height and size, cat trees are made to provide your kitty with a place to play and relax.

Many cat trees have “hidey-holes” or comfy baskets for your cat to lounge & rest in. Various cat trees also have “scratching posts” or places where kitty can scratch those claws!

Cat trees, or it’s trendy name “cat condos” nowadays, come in many colours and styles. With many different features and prices.

My kitty Princess Jasmine loooves her cat tree.

During the day that is where she can usually be found lounging living her best cat life.

You can purchase Jasmine’s cat tree from Amazon here.

cat tree

While it may seem like the best thing ever invented for cats, cat trees do have their downsides;

  1. Your cat may not like or care for a cat tree. Cats can be very standoffish and nonchalant. They are also very territorial about their spaces, so introducing a cat tree to an older cat may not be as joyful and exciting as you planned.
  2. Cat trees take up space. A considerable amount of space. So if you live in a tiny condo/house, a cat tree might not be for you.

Don’t worry though, cats can have all the fun and excitement with some good ol’ cat toys.

Cat Toys

Cat toys are a good way to keep your cat playful and active.

Kittens love to play and will play with just about any toy you give them. Squeaky mouse toys and jingly cat balls will have kitty sprinting all throughout the house. Laser pointers are a really fun way to get your cat running around too. Cat toys that make noises or have pop-out surprises will keep your kitty well entertained!

Boxes and bags are really fun playtime toys too! Cats love jumping in and out of boxes and hidng in bags. Over the years you will learn what toys your cat likes to play with the most.

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With all that energy being spent during playtime, it’s critical to ensure that your cat is being fed nutritious meals to fuel all that playtime energy.

What should I feed my cat?

Most cats will be quite happy when they are fed twice a day.

Getting the proper nutrients and calorie count is whats most important. Cats need around 150 – 250 calories per day.

It is suggested that the best time to feed your cat is during dawn and dusk. This mimics the times that felines would hunting and catching prey in the wild. Many cats prefer to eat their meals during those times.

It’s okay if your schedule doesn’t match up with those times. As long as kitty is fed regularly. Cats should not go longer than 12 hours without food.

Wet food vs Dry food?

Which is best?

It all depends on kitty’s preference (or yours!) really. Try them both and see which one is preferred.

Dry food

Dry food is the most popular choice because its simply more convenient & easy to use. Just buy the bag and store it in a cupboard or drawer. Dry food has less moisture content, which makes it easier to store. Also makes it have a longer shelf life.

Dry cat food that has a bit of a crunch, can help reduce tartar and plaque build up on kitty’s teeth.

Dry food is also great if you want to leave food out for your cat to snack on.

Princess Jasmine’s favourite dry cat food

Purina ONE Natural Dry Food, Chicken & Rice

  • Helps support a strong immune system & a healthy skin + coat

The dense calories in dry food are great for an active or underweight cat. The packed nutrition and calories in dry food may not be the best choice for an overweight kitty.

Wet food

The moisture content and less dense packed calories, makes wet cat food a better suited option for overweight kitties. Wet cat food usually contains about 30% – 60% water. Although it may be the more expensive option, wet cat food is the closest option to your cats natural prey and diet in the wild.

For kitties that have, or are prone to, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones, adding more water based wet food to their diet may offer some relief.

Wet cat foods also tend to taste a little better for your cat. Some picky cats prefer the taste and smells that come from wet cat food.

Princess Jasmines favourite wet cat food

Purina Fancy Feasts Wet Cat Food, Elegant Medleys

  • No artificial preservatives
  • Crafted with real high quality ingredients

Jasmine’s favourite flavour is Tuna Florentine with spinach.

One thing to note: Wet cat food is prone to bacteria and contamination. Do not leave wet cat food in kitty’s bowl for longer then a few hours.

Litter boxes

What goes in must come out!

A healthy cat will poop between 1-2 times per day. Pooping schedules and times can vary by cat, so you should watch for changes in kitty’s poop.

Cats poop in litter boxes, although, if trained, can poop in the toilet!

If your cat is not a trained pooper, you’re going to need a litter box.

Litter boxes vary in size and style. They can be open (uncovered) or closed (covered). Many cats prefer open litter boxes, but many cat owners prefer them closed.
Cats like to have space to see when they are doing their business,
& owners like to keep the mess and smell contained!

want to get a cat?

Kitty Litter

Whichever litter box you choose, it’s going to need to be filled with kitty litter. The list of kitty litter brands is endless.

You can go with the litter your kitty was using when you got them. Cats like familiarity & keeping the same litter may help a new kitten adjust.

OR you can explore the many different kinds and try them out to see wich ones you and your cat like best.

Avoid kitty litters that contain crystalline silicia dust and bentonite clay as these ingredients can pose a health risk to kitty and yourself.

thinking of getting a cat

Kitty Love

Cats really are loveable, low maintenance household pets. They love to be around you, yet not be around you at the same time.

Cats love to purr when they are happy and loved. A cat will come and “bump” it’s body against yours as a sign of affection.

Cats behaviours depend greatly on the situations they are in, so be mindful of that when interacting and caring for your cat.

Cats prefer open, airy spaces were they can see and asses everything in the room. (why they love cat trees!)

Different cats have different behaviours and temperaments & some cats may be more loveable and some may be more nonchalant.

But all cats will respond to true love and care.

Are you ready?

Cats make a great option for those looking for a household pet.

Their low mantenance easy-going way of life has many people choosing this furry feline friend. Cats need minimal checkups and grooming . They groom themselves and poop in the same spot. They are very laid back animals.

Dont confuse laid-back with lazy! Kittens and younger cats love playtime and being active.

Playing with your cat is always recommended. Cat toys, scratching posts and cat trees can help you cure kitty’s boredom when you’re not around. (& save your furniture!)

Cats love their owners and their owners love them.

mora and jasmine

Still want to get a cat? If you think you’re ready to be a cat parent, check out my “New Cat Checklist” to help make sure that you are all prepared for your new bestfriend.

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