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Pink Christmas Nails for a Barbie Christmas

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Girly & trendy pink Christmas nail designs inspired by the release of the Barbie movie 2023.
The Christmas season is in full merry swing. You’ve probably already put up your Christmas tree and decorated with the most festive Christmas home decor. Add the Christmas cheer to your nails, to take the magic of Christmas every where you go.

Christmas nails usually consists of the classic holiday colours like reds, greens and golds. While those colours are festive, switch it up this year with pretty and feminine Christmas nails.

Pink nails add a a touch of girly glamour to holiday manicures. Whether you’re attending or hosting your own holiday party or simply celebrating the festive Christmas season, these adorable pink nails are sure to put you in the Christmas mood.

I’ve scoured the social medias for the prettiest pink holiday nails for 2023. From bright prink nails to pale pinks and rose gold nails, your inspiration for your next pink holiday mani is all here.

Girly, pink nails in every nail shape you can imagine; coffin nails, almond nails, long and short nails, you name it.

Do something a little different this holiday season. Try your hand at doing some of these pretty nail designs at home, or snap a pic and bring it to your next nail appointment.

05 | Christmas Gingerbread Men


06 | Pink Sweaters and Snowflakes


07 | Pink French Tips


08 | Pink Candycane Sweater Nails


09 | Mrs. Reindeer


10 | Cute Gingerbread Men


11 | Christmas Diamonds & Bows


12 | Ombre Pink Candycanes


13 | Pink Bows & Snowflakes


14 | Hot Pink Candycanes


15 | Pink Sweater Weather


16 | Cute Snowmen


17 | Long Pink Candycanes


18 | Glitter Pink French Tips


19 | Diamond Snowflakes


20 | Pink Christmas Feels


Which of these festive and girl pink nails will you be recreating this holiday season?

Pin for your next nail appointment!

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