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Patriotic 4th Of July Cocktails To Drink To America’s Independence Day

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Deliciously boozy patriotic 4th of July cocktails are a must have for this years Independence day celebrations

4th of July is right around the corner. A day full of celebrations with America’s patriotic red, white and blue colours. 4th of July is known for huge outdoor BBQ celebrations with greasy, yet delicious Independence day party food. Americas independence day is the prefect day for drinking at the beach or at your own backyard BBQ.

By now I’m sure you have picked out your Independence day outfit and planned out your hair and nails to celebrate big time. Perfect for the hot summer days ahead, these 4th of July cocktails are festive and refreshing. Impress your guests this year at your own independence day party with patriotic drinks that taste as good as they look.

Featuring red, white and blue shots, refreshingly sweet blue and red drinks, and cool Independence day slushies. Blue Curacao , vodka and cranberry juice are the stars of our 4th of July drinks. Matching the patriotic American colours perfectly. All of these cocktails go well with watching the fireworks to end an amazing celebration.

This list of 4th of July drinks has it all! Strong alcoholic drinks, light and refreshing drinks to mocktails and kid friendly drinks. Many of these cocktails are super easy to make and perfect for all mixology levels.

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These drinks are so good that they’re not only reserved for the 4th of July. Many of these yummy frozen cocktails can be enjoyed all summer long. Perfect for lazy days at the beach, or unwinding on a warm summer evening.

No matter what you get up to on Independence day, be sure to try some of these patriotic cocktails to make your 4th of July celebrations even more festive!
Grab your bartending mixing kits and lets get to making these deliciously festive 4th of July cocktails!

Firecracker Spritzer


Festive and fun, layered 4th of July cocktail. Super easy to make using Grenadine, lemon-lime soda and blue Curacao! So easy and tastes so good.

4th Of July Cocktail


Fruity cocktail perfect for your BBQ celebrations, parties and picnics. A cool blend of peach and citrus flavours makes this ice old drink a 4th of July must.

1. Flirty Firecracker Cocktail | Communikait

2. Red, White & Blue Margarite Slushies | The Cookie Rookie

3. 4th Of July Pina Coladas | The Tomkat Studio

4. Red, White & Blue Sangria | Zen and Honey

Red, White & Blue Margarita


Such a patriotic frozen margarita that you must make this 4th of July. The tequila in this frozen cocktail gives quite the fruity kick!

Bomb Pop Cocktail


The perfect way to cool after after a long day full of Independence day celebrations. A fun twist on a classic summertime treat, this easy to make drink only uses 3 ingredients.

1. Patriotic Limeade | Sugar Spice and Glitter

2. Red, White & Blue cocktail | Peel With Zeal

3. Firecracker Margarita | As The Bunny Hops

4. Cherry Bomb | Blue Chair Bay Rum

4th of July Margarita


A colourful and delicious margarita that has a signature alcohol flavour in each layer. The sweet and sour flavours will have everyone hooked.

Patriotic Layered Sparkler


Delight your tastebuds with this vibrant red, white and blue sparkler. Cherry 7up and blue Gatorade really make this 4th of July drink pop.

1. Fresh Juicy Berry Cocktail | Red Wine Dragons

    2. Non-Alcoholic 4th of July Punch | One Sweet Appetite

    3. Red White and Blue Shots | Simplistically Living

    4. Star-Spangled Mule | Inspired By Charm

    4th Of July Blueberry Mojito


    Deliciously layered 4th of July mojito with rum, mint and club soda. The yummy blueberries add a touch of sweetness to this patriotic mojito. This mojito will definitely become a family favourite.

    Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail


    This crowd-pleasing cocktail features fresh strawberries, vodka and lemon sorbet for a simple yet refreshing cocktail. Tart, and not overly sweet, this drink is sure to be a backyard BBQ hit!

    1. Red, White & Blue Bomb Pop Drink | A Lily Love Affair

    2. American Tye Dye and Rocket Gin | Mommy Travels

    3. Red, White & Blue American Flag Jello Shots | Persnickety Plates

    4. 4th Of July Blue Cocktail | Celebrations At Home Blog

    Which of these patriotic cocktails will you be making for your 4th of July celebrations this year? They all look too good not to try!

    Pin these to your cocktail boards!

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