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New Beginnings Journal Prompts: November Reflect & Reset Sunday

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Celebrate new beginnings and personal growth with these new beginnings journal prompts.

Throughout our lives, we all go through change and turning a new page in life. Could be starting a new career, you recently moved, a new relationship or becoming newly single.
Celebrate the upcoming journey of new beginnings, plus look back at your growth and how far you have come.

For new beginnings to occur, certain things must inevitably come to an end. Learn how to deal with the emotions surrounding change and things ending to have a clear, focused and peaceful new chapter in your life.

Journaling through this new and exciting chapter can help to ease your worries and quell your anxieties. Journaling allows you to open yourself up to be willing to receive change and grow as a person. It also gives you a clear idea of how far you’ve come and where exactly you want to go.

Use these new beginnings journal prompts whenever you are starting a new chapter or phase in your life.


  • Self reflection – learn more about yourself by expressing things that are important to you and make you, you.
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boosts your mental health – Free your mind. Take all those thoughts big and little and free them from your head by writing them down.
  • Increases creativity and dreams – the world is your dream to create into reality. Journaling your goals and accomplishments, dreams and fears is a great way to take a look at who you are and what’s important to you.
  • Great way to process emotions -The simple act of writing our thoughts and feelings down can greatly help with keeping a positive outlook on life. Freeing all of those overwhelming feelings from your head to free up space for more happy, positive thoughts.

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Create a schedule for when you would like to journal and for how long. Ideally, one would aim to journal everyday, but sometimes life does get hectic.
Pick a specific time of the day when you know you will be able to take some down time, and really focus on journaling. Make it a habit and watch how it improves your life!

Grab your journal & let’s begin,

15 New beginnings journal PROMPTs

1. What motivates me to keep growing as a person?

2. List 3 things that you want to leave in the past and why.

3. Do your actions match your intentions you have set for your life?

4. What are some new adventures and experiences that you’d like to have?

5. What emotions arise when faced with a new phase in your life? How do you deal with those emotions?

6. Describe your ideal self.

7. Do you feel confident about the direction you are heading in your life?

8. What are 3 goals I want to accomplish this month?

9. What boundaries am I setting for myself to support my growth during this new phase?

10. List 5 things that you are proud of yourself for.

15 New beginnings JOURNAL PROMPTS

Embrace the journey of change and new beginnings. Start the lifelong journey of becoming a better person.

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