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My Sun-Filled Summer Bucket List | Updated 2024

This summer i just want to be outside. all day everyday. Any activity that brings me outside into nature. Im all for it.

Check out my Sun filled summer bucket list ideas for 2024

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Summer is finally almost here! That means bring on all the summer activities. This summer let’s try to spend as much time outdoors as we can! These sun-filled summer bucket list ideas are a perfect way to keep you outside all summer long.

Here in Canada are summers are really short. We only get around 3-4 months of hot summer days. Going to the beach, road trips, and long naps in the sun are goals for this summer. Sun is important for Vitamin D and sunlight just makes people happier!

From spending fun days outside doing awesome activities to cool mellow summer evenings, this summer bucket list has it all!
Take some notes + create your own summer bucket list for a summer to remember!

My sun filled summer bucketlist + create one youself!

1. walk on the beach

I cant wait till I get to put my toes in the warm sand! Beaches are my #1 thing, I must do every summer. If I didn’t go to the beach, then it wasn’t summer.

2. Take a road trip

I’m thinking to the eastern provinces of Canada? Who knows, maybe I’ll drive down to the USA.

summer bucket list idea

3. Have a water balloon fight

Can you believe I’ve never actually had a water balloon fight?! This year is the year for sure!

4. Go on a nature hike

I’m trying to be more active this year. A hike with nature and sun sounds like the perfect active summer activity

5. Swim in the ocean

I love the water and the ocean included. Funniest thing about this summer bucket list idea, is that I do not know how to swim. Wish me luck!

6. Nap in the sun

Any chance to relax in the sunlight, I’m all for it.

7. Go to Ripley’s Aquarium

Me and my daughter have been before when she was really little so she doesn’t remember. This year we are going to create a memory she will remember at Ripley’s Aquarium. I cannot wait to see the beautiful jelly fishes! If you live in Toronto, it is a definite must visit!

8. Have a spa day

I’m thinking a DIY at home mommy-daughter spa day. Janice and Susan from 5 minutes for Mom have a great post for a DIY Spa Day for Girls.

9. Watch the sunrise

One summer morning I shall wake up early enough to go outside to leisurely watch the sunrise. I’ll make sure I bring a book and some tea and really make a moment of it.

10. Try a new food

Being Pescatarian limits my food varieties, so I tend to eat the same things day in and day out. This summer I am going to try something totally new and out of my comfort zone. Shock my tastebuds!

11. Go to a baseball game

Can you believe I have lived in Toronto pretty much all my life and I’ve never been to a Toronto Blue Jays game?! This year is the year!

12. Successfully fly a kite

The word in there is “successfully”. My daughter loves kites and has never flown one before, so it’ll be a great bonding moment. That’s if we can get it off the ground.

summer bucket list idea

13. Play mini golf

I tried indoor glow in the dark mini golf for the first time last year & had a blast! This years summer bucket list idea is to play mini golf outside in the sun.

14. Build a sandcastle

Usually when we go to the beach, I just watch my daughter play in the sand. This year I’m going to join in on the fun & we are going to build the worlds biggest sandcastle!

15. Paint my nails a bright summery colour

I’m thinking a bright neon yellow? Or maybe a sparkling diamond embellished set? All I know is that my nails are going to be sizzling just like the sun!

Check out this summers “Hottest Nail Designs of 2023” for nail inspiration!

Summer is only a few months away. Hot summer days, and warm summer nights are a welcome seasonal change.
Summer is all about bright, bold, fun colours. Cool, funky designs and patterns. From bold french tips, bright “look at me” colours, to embellished nails, this summers nail designs are going to be hotter than ever!

16. Feed the ducks

Bring some bread and crackers and spend a lovely day with the animals at the pond.

17. watch fireworks

I’m making sure I watch the Canada Day Fireworks this year! I couple of years ago I went to a Canada Day festival downtown Toronto, but we had to leave before the fireworks because it got too cold. This year I shall dress for the occasion to not miss out!

18. have an outdoor workout

What better way to burn calories that by sweating in the sun? Trying to be more active this year so wish me luck!

19. MEDITATE to the sunset / sunrise

Meditation with a view!

20. make homemade lemonade

Maybe we’ll make a whole event of it and create a lemonade stand!

21. go fishing

This is another one of the things that I have never done. It will be a great fist memory for me and my daughter. Hopefully we catch some fish or at least get some pretty fish pictures.

22. Try a new summer skincare routine

My current skin care routine is getting a little boring and redundant. I’m aiming to switch my skincare routine just a little bit this summer. Include more hydrating, oil-free products and more natural products as well.

23. go to an outdoor concert / festival

I’ve never been to a concert in general. So an outdoor one is a rocking place to start? Get it?

24. Host a BBQ

Summer is BBQ season and who doesn’t love an excuse to party! BBQed salmon? Sign me up!

25. Visit a wine tour

I heard there are some really good wineries in the Northern Parts of Ontario. I’m going to do my research and find a really beautiful, tranquil winery. Have any winery suggestions? Leave them below in the comments!

26. go bike riding

I’m thinking bike riding on the Boardwalk during the sunset? Absolutely.

27. play soccer in the park

Great was to get in some exercise while also having fun! I know my daughter would have a blast.

28. Visit the Cn tower

Would it really be a summer in Toronto without visiting the CN Tower? Being able to see the whole of Toronto from the skies from the CN tower is a huge summer bucket list idea!

summer bucket list idea

29. Lay in the grass and watch the clouds

We can see what shapes we can spot. Just relax and breathe in the fresh air and sunlight

30. Visit the farmers market

Good things Grow in Ontario. I would really like to visit a Farmers Market to buy fresh vegetables and give back to the farmers of Ontario.

31.Go to an amusement park

Last year for my birthday, we went to Canada’s Wonderland for the first time. I quickly learned that I do NOT like rollercoasters. I’ll just stick to the kiddie rides with my daughter.

32. Have a summer nature photoshoot

Who doesn’t love pretty pictures of flowers? Summer time is the perfect time to see beautiful flowers in full bloom.

33. Eat ice cream on the beach

This summer bucket list idea speaks for itself. I’m going to try a new ice cream flavour this year.

34. Make smores

Another thing I have yet to do in my lifetime. A definite must this summer.

35. Plant flowers or a garden

I love plants. & summer is the best time to plant new ones. (Anytime is a good time for new plants.)

36. Go to a museum

There’s bound to be some cool event going on at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) here in Toronto, Canada.

37. Go on a summer scavenger hunt

My daughter would love this. Theresourcefulmama has a really good summer scavenger hunt printable to do with the kids.

38. Play hide and seek outside

Hide and seek is currently my daughters favourite game. We are going to spend hours playing hide and seek in the sunshine.

39. Visit the library

My goal is to read at least 3 books this summer. Have a good book recommendation? Leave it below in the comments.

40. Read a book outside

Good reads and good sunshine.

41. go summer clothes shopping

Any excuse to go shopping is a good one for me. I could always use new summer wardrobe staples.

42. Have brunch outside on a patio

Mid-morning sunshine and good food. Sounds like my kind of summer.

43. create tye dye t-shirts

Summer is all about fun, bright colours. Me and my daughter are going to make semi-matching tie dye t-shirts together and wear them all summer long.

44. drink root beer floats at the park

Root beer floats are my favourite summer time drink. A treat and a drink all in one. I’m going to try to make my own this summer.

45. run through the sprinklers

This fun summer bucket list idea is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. We live in a condo and don’t actually have a sprinkler, or a backyard for that matter. So it’ll be a adrenaline pumping activity to run through someone else’s sprinkler!

summer bucket list ideas

46. visit a local farm

We are going to make a day of it, and spend a full day out in the sun with the farm animals.

47. play volleyball on the beach

I used to love playing volleyball when I was younger. Going to break out some old moves this summer at the beach.

48. visit the fair

Can you believe I have lived in Toronto all of my life and still have yet to go to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition.) This summer it’s definitely going to happen.

49. blow bubbles in the sunshine

Pretty bubbles, glistening in the sunlight. A perfect afternoon.

50. eat corn on the cob

My favourite vegetable during my favourite season? Win / Win.

51. play a board game outside

Iv’e been trying to spend more quality time with my daughter, and when I was younger I loved playing board games with my family. We have recently bought some new ones (connect 4 & tic tac toe,) so we are going to bring them outside for a sunny summer activity.

Check out this cool giant outdoor tic tac toe game from Amazon:

Tic Tac Toe Game for Kids and Adults. This outdoor/ indoor game set is perfect for summer fun. Kids and adults can play this fun physical game together. This giant game set encourages children physical exercise and interaction with friends and parents.

52. do a random act of kindness

Maybe pay for the coffee for the person behind me at Tim Hortons. Or help and older person with their bags.

Thanks for checking out my Sun-filled summer bucket list!

Create your own summer bucket list, so maximize your summer fun and adventure. Remember a summer bucket list doesn’t have to mean going out and spending money everyday. Check out “Free Summer Activities.

Make sure you get out there and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather!



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