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Master your Morning Routine for a Productive Day

learn these essential elements to master your morning routine today

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This year we are inspiring each other to change our lives for the better. From eating healthier and staying active, to productivity and self improvement, we are crushing our goals that we have set at the beginning of the year. This year you are going to master your morning routine.

One of my goals for this year has completely changed my life for the better. That goal was a simple one, to start my morning off with healthy habits and productivity. I started a productive morning routine and now I cannot imagine my mornings any different. A self-improvement morning routine that puts self care and productivity at the top of the list.

why you should master your morning routine

Morning routines are a great way to help you blossom into the super productive, happy person you want to be. A morning routine adds clarity and direction to your day. By taking the time every morning to add healthy habits and a little bit of self care, a morning routine is guaranteed to improve how you feel every morning.

Taking the time to check in with your goals and to do’s first thing in the morning leads to increased focus and organization throughout the day. Making sure all of the tasks get scheduled and completed!

Create a morning routine that sets your up for success!

If you’re looking to start your morning routine off right, these fantastic morning routine ideas are just what you’ve been looking for!

Master your morning routine

wake up earlier

Personally, I’ve always been the person that needs to wake up 1HR+ in order to “get ready” in the morning. Although, before getting serious about self improvement, I used to just waste that time and still and up rushing because I’m going to be late.

If you’re part of the lucky group of individuals that really only needs like 30 minutes to get ready;

  1. I envy you
  2. You should still wake up earlier to start your day off right

I still wake up 1.5HR before I need to actually start my day (which for me means waking up at 4:30am), but now I include healthy habits and self care. Now my mornings are never wasted!

While you don’t need to wake up at the crack of morning like I do, wake up with enough time to have a great(change word), enjoyable morning that isn’t rushed.

earlier morning routine

Having trouble waking up earlier? Start gradually. Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier each day until you reach your desired wake up time. Once you have woken up at your desired wake up time, stick with it. Be consistent! It’s healthier for your body to wake up at the same time every day. Even on the weekends!

don’t hit the snooze button

Hitting the snooze button can do some serious damage to your productive morning. While getting those extra 8 minutes of sleep may feel like heaven, your quick shut eye will have you feeling even more tired when you wake up.

don't press snooze in the morning

By going back to sleep immediately after your body has already woken up, resets your sleep cycle.

“Your body needs to go through proper sleep cycles to reach REM sleep. Hitting the snooze button doesn’t allow you to return to that level of sleep and leaves you feeling groggy and more tired instead when the alarm goes off again.”

So don’t snooze your alarm! Change your phone alarm to something lovely to motivate you to wake up, try birds chirping or your favourite song, and get out of bed when that alarm goes off!

make your bed

master your morning routine by making your bed

Instead of pressing snooze, when your alarm goes off, get out of your bed and make it. Even if your partner is sleeping on the other side, make your side of the bed as much as you can. The action of making your bed can also help to wake up your body. It has been said that when you make your bed and it looks good, you are less likely to want to crawl back under the covers.

Plus making your bed can give you a sense of accomplishment. Starting your day off accomplishing tasks right as you wake up feels good! I know it makes me feel good.

drink some water

Start your day off hydrated! It’s good for the skin and body as well. Drink 1 glass of room temperature water before you ingest anything else in the morning. Drinking a full glass of water or more first thing in the morning wakes your body up and gets your metabolism and digestion started.

Additionally, having a drink in the morning gives you energy for your day. In a post by Berkey, they say that;

Water can stimulate the faster growth of red blood cells in your system and generates more oxygen in your blood. The combination of these factors will give you a good burst of energy! So try a glass of water instead of your coffee or tea in the morning!”

The Berkey

don’t check your phone

Checking your phone in the morning is not one of the first things you should be doing when you wake up. Even checking your calendar or catching up on emails can wait till a little later on, after you have fully woken up. Checking your phone when you’ve just woken up can be distracting and time wasting. Also checking your phone with it’s bright lights as soon as you wake up can harm your pretty peepers. Save your eyes and wait till later on in the morning.


One thing i absolutely recommend adding to your self improvement morning routine is meditation. Master your morning routine with sone feng-shui. Meditation is a great to practice on a daily basis to start everyday calm and at peace. Practice saying some morning affirmations and set your intentions for the day. Manifest your dream life in between some light yoga and stretches.

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always eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs energy after spending all night recharging. Breakfast gives you the necessary fuel and energy to have a productive, active day. Even if you’re running short on time, eat something. A cup of coffee is NOT considered breakfast.

Your body needs to eat shortly after you’ve woken up to prevent you from feeling sluggish and tired later on in the day.

Need healthy Breakfast ideas? Try these options:

dedicate time to look presentable

Whether you feel your best with a full face of makeup or no makeup at all, make time in your self improvement morning routine to look and feel beautiful. Include time in the morning to look presentable by doing a little bit of self care and wearing clothes that make you feel good.

Even if you are rushing, a mini self care morning routine will help you look good, and looking good will help you feel good! Trust me.

plan your day

Planning your day is crucial if you want to master your morning routine. Be more productive and organized. Planning your day every morning is a key step in setting your day up for success. Schedule important appointments and events that you don’t want to miss for the day. Set out your goals and tasks for the day. Prioritize your tasks so that the most important tasks get completed first.

Don’t forget to schedule down time. Breaks and time to relax are are necessary in keeping you from overworking yourself during the day. Breaks allow you to reset and relax before continuing to power on through the day.

You can choose to keep your schedule in a planner or notebook. I use a daily planner as my bible. My all-time favourite planner is The Happy Planner. It has really beautiful planner covers and stickers. They have many different varieties of planners from homemaking planners to teacher planners. Also their weekly, monthly, vertical or horizonal layouts help to personalize your planner to plan everything easily months in advance!

master your morning routine for a successful day

Start living your most productive, successful life today with these morning routine ideas. Master your morning routine and marvel as it improves your quality of life. Include healthy habits and things that make you feel happy into your morning rituals.

Having a morning routine will help you be more productive and organized by setting your day up for success.

Since I started my mornings with meditation and self care, I feel refreshed, calm and ready to take on the day.

You can feel empowered too!

Use these tips and ideas to add to your morning routine to start living your best life today!

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