Loc’d Since ’19
63 locs + an undercut

Locs are versatile, low-maintenance and BEAUTIFUL.

journey with me..

I started my loc journey in November of 2019.

Honestly, I loc’d my hair because I was tired of dealing with it. I used to wear wigs A LOT, and since I really suck at cornrows, I never did anything to my hair. I just brushed it back into a ponytail and slapped on my wig.

My hair was suffering so bad from the constant wigs that I had barely any hair at that back of my head. By barely, I had none.

I wanted something low maintenance, that would allow me to grow my hair.

I had the spontaneous idea to loc my hair.

& it was the best decision of my life!

this is your sign to loc your hair

1 year in

About 1 year into my loc journey, I got bored with my hair. I had done all the cute loc styles that I could but I just felt like my locs were.. blah

I bleached my locs

I was now a ginger loc head.

I hated the colour

It wasn’t the colour I had wanted.

I wanted blonde locs. My locs were an odd shade of ginger. Some locs were lighter than others. I couldn’t think of an uglier colour..

I was really sad. My locs didn’t take the bleach very well. I would need another application.

But I had to wait two weeks.

i bleached my locs again

Pink for the win

This time they I was able to get my locs light enough for the colour I had always wanted.

I had always wanted pink hair even before I loc’d my hair. Now I had my chance!

I love my pink hair

I felt like a baddie! you couldn’t tell me nothing about my pink locs! They were so beautiful! I took so many pictures and videos!

I was truly in love with my locs.

no more low maintenance

Maintaining my pic locs took some work! They were always dry.

My locs always felt crunchy and unhealthy. Plus, my roots were growing in. I would need to bleach and dye my roots again. I would need to do this every month or two? No way. I liked the idea of low maintenance.

Also, I kinda liked the way the black roots looked..

Black to the er

i dyed my hair black

& within 2 days

My black locs sent me to the hospital

That’s a story for another day.

i recovered

& within 5 months.

i bleached my hair again.

Yep. Call me crazy.

blue hair

Well, what can I say?

I always wanted to try blue hair

blue didn’t last long

Fast forward to the present

I’ve dyed my hair back to black.

(Don’t worry, I only got a minor skin rash this time!)

My goal now is to repair my locs if I can.

& have happy, healthy locs.

Check out my posts on loc care, as I start a new healthy loc journey.