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11 Lists to Create at the beginning of Every month

A new month means new beginnings. Here’s 11 Lists to Create at the Beginning of every Month to start your month off right!

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While I firmly believe that every day is a chance for a new start, the beginning of the month is another perfect time to change your life for the better. Using these 11 lists to create at the beginning of every month, it’s the perfect opportunity to start a new goal or healthy habit.

Something about starting Day 1 of a new habit on Day 1 of the month just screams motivation!

lists to create every month

Making monthly lists can greatly help improve your motivation, productivity and focus. Lists are amazing tools to use to get your life together this month.

Here’s a couple of reasons why lists work:

  • LISTS HELP YOU VISUALIZE YOUR PRIORITIES AND GOALS. By either writing down or typing up your goals you are able to visually see them laid out for you. Making them seem more real. You are also able to plan out your goals and healthy habits and visualize the steps to get there.
  • LISTS HELP YOU STAY ON TRACK. Lists are amazing tools for keeping you focused and organized. By creating actionable lists such as goal planning lists and projects to accomplish and to do lists, they can help aid you to staying focused and on track.
  • CREATING LISTS CAN ALSO HELP WITH ANXIETY. Knowing that you have soo many things to do and accomplish can sometimes be overwhelming! It helps me feel more relaxed and less anxious when I have taken those many to do’s out of my brain and written them down in actionable to do lists. You will feel less stressed knowing you have it all organized using lists.

I keep all of my lists in a pretty binder that sits on my desk, but you can choose to keep your lists anywhere you will remember to look at them and use them. I recommend keeping your lists in a notebook, planner or binder.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of types of lists that you can create, but these lists below are beneficial in helping you be more focused and productive to start your week off right.

If you’re ready to start living your best, most productive life this month, these lists are for you!

11 lists to create at the beginning of every month

1) goals for the month

+ actionable steps needed

If you choose to create any of these lists, please create this one.

Creating monthly goals is important for productivity, focus and self improvement. Writing down what you and NEED to get done every month is crucial for staying productive and getting those things done. To take it one step further, include actionable steps to reach your goals every month.

2) weekly goals and to-do’s

Pretty much a more detailed version of monthly goals. Week by week goals allow you to get more detailed and specific, by viewing things in a smaller timeframe. Weekly goals should include actionable steps to reach your grand monthly goals.

3) Fitness goals & plans for the month

Building a body you feel proud of and comfortable in can take months. Even so, it’s still always, one step at a time. In this case, one month at a time. Plan your exercise routines and goals, and your nutrition plans for the month and watch your progress (or booty) grow!

4) Master to do list

My master to do list has about a million tasks on it. Every month you should make the practice of reviewing your Master To Do list. Take some of those tasks and see where you can find the time in your monthly schedule to accomplish them. There may be some time-sensitive goals in that Master To do list that you don’t want to miss. Reviewing your Master To Do list often can absolutely help to keep you on track.

5) Budget list & spending planner

Anyone serious about staying on top of their finances must have a budget. If you don’t, create one today. I’m serious. Creating and reviewing your monthly budget is particulary important in keeping your finances in check. In addition to a budget, I also encourage you to create a spending planner. A spending planner or list can help you track your spending each month. Tracking your spending is important if you want to not only save money, but want to have a general idea as to where all of your money is going.

6) Bills due list

A bills due list can be a simple list stating the name of the bill, the amount, when the bill is due, and can include a checkbox for when the bill is paid. I love creating a separate list for only bills, that way it’s all there on one paper, easy to view. As a result, no bills are missed or overlooked.

7) A Grocery shopping list

A list of all of the groceries needed for the month or week. Creating a grocery shopping list helps you only buy what you need, potentially saving you money at the grocery store.

8) meal planning list

Of course you have to plan what foods and recipes you are going to make with those groceries you just bought! Planning your meals in advance helps to take the stress of dinner off your plate, literally. Keep a notebook or binder with all of your favourite family meals to make planning your meals even easier!

9) a gratitude list

Gratitude lists are one of my favourite lists to make. It’s necessary to stop and take a moment to be thankful and greatful for the things that you alreay have in your life. I have the “5 Minute Gratitude Journal” that I journal my gratitude into daily. But even taking one day out of the month to express your gratitude for all the good things in your life can do wonders in uplifting your sprits and motivation. Please make this one of your top lists to create at the beginning of every month.

10) important appointments and dates list

Create a list of all of your appointments so that they aren’t missed or forgotten. Schedule important dates and events into your monthly list. This way you have time to plan and prepare if necessary.

11) 30 day challenge

I challenge you, to start a 30 day challenge on the 1st of the month coming up. A 30 day challenge can challenge you to do anything. Wether it’s a 30 day fitness challenge or a 30 day self care challenge. I challenge you to write out a 30 day challenge list and stick to it all month!

“What would be impressing to me, is in 30 days you see a change in your life”


These lists will help improve your productivity, focus and overall general well-being of your life. Imagine the changes you could see in your life over the next 30 days! Review your lists frequently throughout the month to say focused, organized and on track. The end of the month is a good time to review your lists and see what worked and what didn’t. Based on those insights, you can create new monthly lists tailored to motivate you into reaching your goals.

Share this post & Start living your best, most productive life this month with these 11 lists to create at the beginning of every month!

Boost your productivity - lists to create every month
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  • Heather

    My husband loves loves lists! I’m not a huge fan – I feel they make me anxious! However, I can see the purpose of creating llsts the beginning of the month. I’ve just started a new side hustle and even I’m finding things are sliding – so I do need lists to keep me on track! So, thanks for sharing and reminding!

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