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100+ Lifestyle Blog post ideas

100+ Lifestyle blog post ideas to help you create content week after week!

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Congrats on your blog! Starting a blog can be soo exciting but also so overwhelming at times. There’s just so much to do. Creating amazing content is one of them. That’s why I’m here to help you with this list of 100+ blog post ideas!

If you’re new to the Blogging World; Hi, welcome to the family. Starting a blog can be the start of an amazing lifelong journey.
If you’ve just started your blog, check out this post; “Starting a Blog for Beginners” to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

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Even if you’ve been blogging for years, coming up with blog content can sometimes feel like work. Even as a lifestyle blogger, thinking of fresh new content week after week requires a little bit of inspiration. For a lifestyle blogger, many of your content can be based on your personal life, which could be anything from parenting, to gardening, to fashion and beauty.

The number one challenge I hear from my readers is that they don’t know what to write about.

Lifestyle blog post ideas

Here’s a list of popular and trending lifestyle blog post ideas, guaranteed to engage your reader. All you have to do is change / personalize these ideas to suit your niche.

Even as a lifestyle blogger you must remember your targeted audience. Try to pick topics that are able to answer questions that your audience may be having.
Share with your readers your knowledge and experiences of specific topics.

In this post we’ll talk about:

  • How to find blog post ideas
  • Using Pinterest for blog post ideas
  • Most popular lifestyle blog post topics
  • 100+ lifestyle post ideas!

How to find blog post ideas

Brainstorm ideas using your current content. Did you know that one blog post can create many more blog posts. Simply expand further on points covered in your post to create new related content.

Write about what’s currently popular/trending. This can be any topic relating to your niche. Pinterest and social media are great tools to find trending topics and ideas.

Answer questions related to your niche. Ask Google. Type in keywords relating to your niche and check out the top posts on Google. What questions are your audience asking? What problems do they have?

Be active on at least one social media platform. So that you can keep with what’s going on in the world, with topics not related world news. Social media is a great way to find out what’s trending and popular.

Using pinterest for blog post ideas

Honestly, Pinterest is my #1 go to to see trending tops and become inspired.

When you create and pin to boards, Pinterest suggest topic ideas or keywords, related to the content you’ve been pinning. Cool right?
Simply click the search bar, & you’ll see “Shopping Spotlights,” “Ideas for you.” and “Popular on Pinterest.”

pinterest seo - blog post ideas
Screenshot from my Pinterest account 🙂

most Popular blog post topics

Here’s a list of the most popular (& successful!) blog post categories to skyrocket your blog to success:
(Updated Apr.2023)

  • Food blogs
  • Travel blogs
  • Health and fitness blogs
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Fashion and beauty blogs
  • Photography blogs

Note: A lifestyle blog is not a personal blog. You want to engage your readers with information or answers to their solutions. Your readers will most likely find you on Pinterest or Google by searching for an answer to their problem. So leave the journal entry type posts for your diary.

Lifestyle blog post ideas

As promised; List of 100+ Lifestyle Blog post ideas!

General lifestyle blog post ideas

  1. How to stay organized
  2. Create a personal bucket list
  3. Tips to travel on the cheap
  4. Spring cleaning tips and tricks
  5. Seasonal products you’re currently loving
  6. How to travel for cheap
  7. 30 things to do before you turn 30
  8. Best no-spend activities
  9. Top # list of feel good activities
  10. Easy no hassle plants
  11. A day in the life
  12. Shows worth watching on Netflix
  13. What are your parenting tips?
  14. How to connect with other bloggers
  15. Your travel bucket list
  16. How to spend time outside connecting with nature
  17. Share why you started blogging
  18. # things you cannot live without
  19. Create a gift giving guide
  20. Create a behind the scenes post
  21. Positive changes you’ve made to your life
  22. How to find inspiration to write
  23. Share 10 bloggers who motivate you
  24. # Affirmations for entrepreneurs
  25. Round up posts
  26. Podcasts everyone should be listening to

Personal development blog post ideas

  1. Create a productive morning routine
  2. 30 day personal development challenge
  3. How to stay focused to reach your goals
  4. Share the life lessons that you’ve learned this year
  5. Top # ways to practice gratitude
  6. Relationship or marriage advice
  7. How to declutter your workspace
  8. Best stress reducing plants
  9. Top # book for personal development
  10. How you stay organized daily
  11. How to build your self confidence
  12. Advice to my younger self
  13. Personal Development journal prompts
  14. How to develop successful habits
  15. How to deal with a difficult situation like a boss

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Food and drink blog post ideas

  1. Healthy dinner recipes
  2. Holiday snacks
  3. Quick family dinners
  4. # slow cooker meals
  5. Family dinner recipes
  6. What you eat in a day
  7. Ways to spend less at the grocery store
  8. Appetizer recipes that amaze your guests
  9. Healthy lunches that aren’t sandwiches
  10. Your favourite restaurants round-up
  11. Gluten free recipes
  12. Healthy food that’s easy to make

Health and Wellness Blog Post ideas

  1. Daily / weekly fitness routines
  2. Your home workout routine
  3. Clean eating habits to adopt
  4. How to manage and reduce stress
  5. How to stay healthy this season
  6. Keeping fit while on the go
  7. Small steps to lead to a healthier version of yourself
  8. Tips to stay hydrated
  9. How to develop a new healthy habit

Self Care blog post ideas

  1. 30 day self love challenge
  2. How to practice self care during a busy day
  3. How to have a self care Sunday
  4. How to change your mindset
  5. Healthy morning habits
  6. Affirmations for a positive mindset
  7. Learn how to unwind when you’re stressed
  8. Have a DIY spa day at home
  9. Why you need to take a social media break
  10. Why you should go on dates by yourself
  11. Self care journal prompts
  12. Learn how to love being single

Beauty & fashion blog post ideas

  1. Share your top # favourite beauty products
  2. This (season) cutest outfits
  3. How you keep your beauty supplies organized
  4. Share your daily hair care routine
  5. Ultimate comfy clothes guide
  6. Beauty tips for dry skin
  7. Best mommy and me outfits
  8. # products I regret buying
  9. How to transition from (season to season)
  10. Beauty and Fashion hauls
  11. List of makeup dupes

Parenting blog posts

  1. Favourite mom groups
  2. Things you wish you knew as a new mom
  3. How to become a stay at home mom
  4. Toddler meal ideas
  5. Gentle sleep training ideas
  6. Stay at home mom day in the life
  7. Teach your baby sign language
  8. Breastfeeding for new moms
  9. Kids arts and craft ideas
  10. Yoga for kids


Finance blog post ideas

  1. How to save # money each month
  2. Top money saving tips
  3. Go to money and personal finance blogs that you love
  4. How to reduce debt
  5. Ways to save money on _____
  6. How to create a business plan
  7. Ways to make money from home
  8. Learn side hustles to make extra income

Hope I have given you some inspiration!

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