How to write a killer About me page

how to write a killer about me page to showcase you and your brand

Newsflash!! An about me page isn’t really about you…

I know you’re thinking, what do you mean? Well an about page isn’t a long winded story detailing your life. Its more of a snapshot into your blog/business and what you have to offer.

How can your content teach, inspire or entertain your audience. Why they should read your blog and what they’ll get from it.

While you can share personal details about you, keep them related to your blog/blog mission.

Tell people who you are & what you stand for

This is where you can briefly tell people about you and your brand. Keep the details about you short as you can go into detail later on.

Let your audience know what you do any why you do what you do. Explain your motives for starting your brand / business and give a little insight into how you think.
Draw readers in with your captivating ideas on how you can help them. What problems are you trying to solve, and what problems have you already found answers to and would love to share.

Why (insert your name here). – tell your story

Now this is the part where you get to talk about yourself. You can definitely share your life story, but just not every single detail. Share details relating to your blog / blog mission.

Its a great idea to include personal struggles that have helped to shape you into the person you are now. Moments in your life that have really made an impact in your life and your brand.

Ask yourself this when deciding what part of your life to include in your about me page:

  • Will the reader learn something?
  • Will the reader be inspired?
  • Can it help my reader to better understand my blog mission?

Tip: Don’t overshare. Leave some parts of your life a mystery.

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tell your readers what they can expect from you

Here, you can go into detail of what types of posts you are going to create. Are your posts going to be inspiring, educating or entertaining?
Let your readers know exactly what to expect from you, and aim to be consistent.

You should aim to publish at least 1 post per week. I recommend 2-3, but its really how many post can you write in a week. Publish as many posts as you are able to create.

List of posts to create each month.

  • A how-to post
  • A sponsored post
  • A personal post or success story – people was to listen to your voice and what you have to say
  • A detailed informative post
  • A fun post

Aim to create at least one of these posts types per week.

Add some links to your top posts to give readers a little taste of your blog and content.

include a call to action

This can be many different things. You want your reader to take action. To read your latest posts, download your printable, share your post or page, subscribe to your email opt-in form..etc. The point is, you want to make sure that your readers feel compelled to do something or take action after reading your blog post.

call to action can really be as simple as “Read my latest blog posts“. But you must be specific on what you’d like your readers to do. You can also entice readers to try your latest product or buy into your services.

Personally, I include an email opt-in for in all of my blog posts. Email opt-in forms allow you to collect subscriber emails, so you can send them email newsletters, freebies, or your latest post to check out! An email opt-in form can help you stay connected to your readers.

I use Convertkit for all of my email opt-in forms and landing pages. Their email services help me store and connect with my readers.


Now you have all the tools needed to create a killer, engaging about me page. Use this page to entice your reader to want to learn more about your blog, blogging goals and missions, and also you.

Remember to keep your about me page clear and concise. Share relevant parts of your life relating to your blog/website.

Have any other tips to create an amazing About Me page? Leave them in the comment section below!

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