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How to Stay Positive no matter what life throws at you

Master the art of how to stay positive even when life is rough. Cut out negative thinking and live a happier life.

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In life, we all go through tough times. Times that really test your mental strength and endurance. Sometimes these tough situations made lead us to having negative thoughts and actions. Make us feel like giving up, throwing in the towel. Finding it hard to stay positive when everything seems to be going wrong.

We all have are own reasons to be unhappy and worrisome. Say, your family member is ill, or your job is seriously stressing you out. Everyone goes through situations that make them question,

Why Me?

Is is really possible to stay positive no matter what?

Yes! It is absolutely possible to stay positive no matter what. You simply need to train your brain to remain positive no matter what life throws at you. See the good in all situations. If there really is no good in the situation, at least don’t let yourself stay unhappy about a challenging situation, especially one that you cant fix.

Negative thinking is a bad habit. One you definitely need to break. Thinking negatively can start out small, till before you even know it the world is always storm clouds and rain. Break free, and let the positive thinking shine through.

Below I have listed some of the good habits and actions that I do, to stay positive no matter what life throws at me. & lately, life has a really good aim. Recently there have been a few times a my life that have really made me stop and think. I’ve really had to take time to think and stop myself from reacting negatively or in an unkind way.

“You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.”

— Ruth. E Renkel

Read through these ideas and helpful hints when you need some encouragement & a little dose of positivity. Remember, nothing happens overnight. To seriously see a change in your outlook on life, to start seeing the world as sunshine’s and rainbows, you need to practice these ideas and really try and focus on staying positive no matter what situation you are in.

Kick negativity to the curb. How to stay positive no matter what life throws at you.

Realize your negativity when it happens and think positive


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The first step to positive thinking is accountability. Owning up to, and acknowledging when you may not be living up to your own expectations.

Start to notice your feelings, mood and actions when a challenging situation arises. Notice when you start to think negatively.

When you start to think in a negative way, stop yourself. Instead, think and act upon positive thoughts and actions.

When you start to think negatively:

  • Think happy thoughts. I know it may sound silly but, think / remember a time that made you immensely happy. Remember the happiness you felt. Channel that happy feeling when negativity starts to kick in.
  • Take some deep breaths. Relax. Sometimes the situation is actually smaller and less daunting than it originally seems. Take a few minutes to relax, re-center yourself, and look at the situation in a more positive light.
  • Look on the bright side of things. While not every situation has a positive side per se. You can still choose to look at in way that doesn’t make you unhappy and cause negative thoughts and feelings to arise.

set healthy boundaries, learn the art of saying no

Not being able to say no, can have negative long term effects on your mental health. Saying yes, when you really want to say no can really end up draining you emotionally. This can lead to negative thinking and unhappiness.

Doing something that you didn’t want to do, to make another person happy, does not make you feel good about yourself. You want to feel good about your choices and actions.

Ask yourself this – is doing this/that helping or hurting my long terms goals and plans for my life?
Is this going to help me continue to be a positive, best version of myself?

Reevaluate your decision if the answer is no. Sometimes that may mean not being around certain people or going to certain events. But in the long run its your positivity and happiness that really matters. Staying away from people and situations that make you think and act negatively is good for your mental health and wellbeing. It is not seen as being selfish, its personal self care and wellness.

Your happiness is number 1. Protect your happiness.

Happy, Healthy activities to fight negative thoughts

When negative thoughts start to creep in, fight them off by doing things that make you happy. Things that being you joy and contentment. Distract yourself physically and/or emotionally.

Practice meditation, watch or read something funny or sweet. The point is to train your mind to seek out happy thoughts and actions when things are going wrong.

Personally, I like to take the time to stop and meditate. Take some deep breaths.
I used to be one to just fly off the handle (not in a good way) about anything that upset me, even a little bit.
Now I will literally go into my car or the bathroom and just take 10 big breaths. Close my eyes and imagine myself on a beach in St. Lucia. “You are calm Rushai. Everything is okay. Be calm like the waves of the ocean slowly washing away the sand.” (works everytime!)

Find what works for you to help you to regain positive thinking in challenging times. Here’s some other options to try:

  • Go for a walk
  • Read a book
  • Journal
  • Call a friend to chat (no venting!)
  • Watch a funny movie or show
  • Take a nap

Practive gratitude

Grateful people are happier people.

Practicing gratitude daily help you notice the positive things in your life. Things to be happy about. When you are aware of all of the good things in your life, the negative things that happen can seem, small in comparison.

Gratitude Journal Prompts: October Reflect & Reset Sunday
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Learn to be grateful for everything in your life, no matter how big or small. Besides, it’s usually the little things that add up to the most meaningful moments. Practice having a positive outlook on your life and all the things within in. Positivity attracts positivity, attracting you more positive energy from the universe.

Daily practice of gratitude can he a great help in making your life more positive and fulfilled.

help others

How can helping others make you stay a positive person? It’s simple, helping others makes you feel good. Be helping someone out of the goodness of your heart you are practicing being selfless. Being selfless goes hand in hand with gratitude. & negativity goes hand in hand with selfishness.

Helping someone doesn’t have to be an elaborate show of money, or expensive gifts. Small, simple ways you can help someone:

  • Holding the door or elevator when you see them coming
  • Showing a genuine interest in a conversation you are having with another person
  • Sharing a laugh or happy moment to a friend in a bad mood

Try being selfless today, and helping someone out of the goodness of your heart. Plus their happiness, will be infectious. It’ll make you happier, I promise.

Surround yourself with positive happy people

Kick negativity to the curb with positive vibes. Positive people, make more positive people. Having positive, happy people in your life can help you stay positive by, lifting you up when you are down. Help you feel better on days where you don’t feel your best.

Find people that help you find solutions to your problem, or at least advise you the best way to go. People that uplift your spirits and encourage you to do better and be a better person.

Stay away from negative people who bring out negativity in you. It’s just not worth your happiness.

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang out with negative people.”

— Joel Osteen

own your life, you are not a victim

When practicing to be a more positive person daily, its easy to fall into negative habits and thoughts. It may seem easier to just blame others for your misfortune. Saying things like “I cant believe so and so did this,” “it’s all their fault” and “if they hadn’t ____ then I would not have ____.” are all negative thinking thoughts.

You are responsible for your own life and your feeling towards it. While yes, some things may be completely out of your control, bad situations or circumstances do not justify you thinking or acting negative. Also, it is not helpful to blame other people or situations. That does nothing to actually make the situation better.

Acknowledge the challenging situation but still remain positive. No one can control your feelings but you. Think positive when negative situations arrive to train your mind to stay positive no matter what life throws at you.

Remember to be patient and kind with yourself

Kindness start with you. Being kind to yourself allows makes room in your heart to be kind to others.

Always remember that one bad day does not equal a bad life. Don’t beat yourself up. Just dust yourself off and try again tomorrow. Acknowledge the negative situation or bad day, change your mindset to a positive one, and move one.

Allow yourself room to grow and make mistakes. Life, and self improvement is a journey.

Daily positive affirmations

Daily positive affirmations are a great way to start your day off on a positive note.

Positive affirmations are simply positive statements or phrases that you say to yourself. Saying these positive statements daily can help to improve self esteem, motivation and remove negative thoughts.

Repeating these positive affirmations daily trains your brain to think positively about yourself and the world around you overtime. Its a great way to help yourself stay positive every single day. By starting your day off with positivity, you are able to shift your perception and mindset to that of a positive one, all before you’ve had your morning coffee!

Stay positive no matter what life throws at you

Practice these ideas to help yourself stay positive no matter what. Remember, you are in control on your own life and your own feelings. Positive change starts with small daily activities to improve yourself as a whole.

How do you stay positive when life throws you challenges? Let me know in the comments below!

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