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How to start a blog for beginners

4 Part series teaching you how to start a blog for beginners.
Learn how to start a blog from scratch with this comprehensive blog startup course.

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Welcome to Part 1 – website Set Up

Congrats on making the leap to start a blog! This is the start of an amazing journey to a successful online business; Your blog! Together we are going to go through the steps to “Learn how to start a blog for beginners today!”

Starting a blog is super simple. Stop procrastinating and let’s get started.

Key to turning dreams into a reality is action - how to start a blog post for beginners

Have you ever dreamed of...

  • Being your own boss. Being in charge of your own work schedule? Being able to relax and take breaks when you want?

  • Being able to generate extra income to support your family without spending time away from them?

  • Quitting your 9-5 job to be free to work from anywhere?

  • Financial freedom to live out your dreams and goals?

  • Being able to impact the lives of others

Dreams like this can be a reality after you’ve created and started running with your successful blog. Starting a blog can be the beginning of a life-changing journey as long as you stay consistent!

Anyone can start a successful blog . It just takes effort and energy. You have to want to start a blog. It is 100% possible to earn an income from blogging!

How to start a blog for beginners - start your blog with siteground

Always remember that even the most successful bloggers started at square one just like you.

Take the first step towards your Ultimate Dream; Starting a successful blog that helps you connect with the world and achieve financial security! Learn the quick steps on how to start a blog for beginners.

I wish that I had learned how to start a blog a long time ago!
Blogging has completely changed my life and it can change yours too!

How did I start a blog?

I started blogging back in 2020 to try to earn extra income while driving a school bus. In the beginning was sooo excited when I first set up my blog and published my first posts. I published my first 2 blog posts and sat there waiting excitedly for the viewers and money to roll on in. It did not.

My interest in blogging crumbled. I was stuck and I didn’t know what to do. Yeah, I had gotten my website up and running but now what?

I wasted many months going around in circles. Still unsure of the next steps.

I started to take my blog seriously in January of 2023. (My #1 New Years Resolution) & honestly, I’ve never looked back since! So sad that I wasted all of that precious time in the beginning.

Don’t be like me.

Start your online business - make money blogging - stay at home mom - successful online business

Now I run a successful blog that has allowed me to live the life of my dreams by turning my dreams into reality.

How blogging has changed my life;

  • I am able to impact the lives of people all over the world with my content. My blog has allowed me to start helping people start their own blogs, and be successful.
  • Financial freedom to live out my dreams. Making money from my blog has given me the opportunity to make my dreams into a reality. I no longer have to work for “The Big Boss” and I live my life how I want!

The life of your dreams is not far away..

All it takes is effort and consistency. While starting a blog may be super easy, maintaining and growing your blog takes time and dedication. Especially if you want it to be amazing and super successful right? Follow along with my guide to learn the steps to take after your set up your blog, so you don’t waste your valuable time like me.

Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way with your money-making blog.

Don’t have your blog up and running just as yet? & start your blog today.
Start a profitable blog with Siteground for only $1.99/month.
30-day money back guarantee

Here’s what you’ll learn

In this Part 1 of the 4 Part “How to Start a Blog for Beginners” series, you’ll learn how to set up your website to be accessible to all on the Internet.

The foundation for a successful blog starts with the basics. Your website.

You’ll learn;

  • Why YOU should start a blog today
  • How to pick a blogging niche the suits your target audience
  • How to pick the best Hosting Company + Domain name
  • Installing WordPress
  • Choosing an aesthetically pleasing theme

Let’s Get started!

This is going to be a long, thorough, comprehensive guide. This guide on How to start a blog for beginners is full of all the essential tools you need to start your blog from scratch today. So get comfy, take notes and pin this post for later.

I am going to guide you to making a plan to start a successful blog today.

Also, use the “Table-of-Contents” to get a quick overview of everything, and to be able to skip to a section to get you started right away!

Bookmark this post so you can come back to it later for reference if you ever need help. + you can always ask me for help in the comment section down below & I’ll do my very best to assist you!

What is a blog?

Basically, a blog is your thoughts and ideas, shared on a webpage. Your thoughts are transformed into a format called a “blog post.”
Click here to learn “How to write the Perfect Blog Post!

Blog posts can be created to inform, educate or simply “share with” your readers. Although there are many types of blog posts you can create. Here are some to get you started:

  • Inform – tell your reader newsworthy information. You can inform your reader about anything. But try sticking to newsworthy information that is relevant to your topic / niche. You can use these posts to give your readers in depth knowledge on certain topics or ideas. Focusing on the “what”, before the “how.”
  • Educate – Teach your reader something new. Or something they might not have known about a particular topic. “How to” blog posts are the most popular type of blog posts on the internet! You can use chronological order to help your reader achieve a certain goal. You can do this using a “step-by-step” format or numbered lists format.
  • Share with – this is one of my favourite type of blog posts. The point of these posts is to entertain. You can share your life, and stories about you. These posts are great for holidays, on the weekend and times when you just don’t know what to write.

Why You should start a blog today

How to start a blog for beginners - start your blog with siteground

Imagine having the freedom to do what you love from wherever you love?

That is only one of the possibilities blogging can provide to you.

It’s true, becoming a successful blogger is within your reach. With the right dedication and care, your blog can make a full time income for you. Provide you with the financial freedom we all crave. Give you the ability to follow your passion from everywhere your dreams take you.

You also get to become part of a community. By sharing your ideas and experiences with the world. I guarantee you, there are people out there who want to hear what you have to say! Your posts can be the reason someone learns how to start a blog and starts living the life of their dreams. The information on your site can help your readers find a solution to a problem they’ve been dealing with for ages. Your content will help inspire your readers to be the best versions of themselves. You get the point…

It’s never too late to start a blog. With the right passion, purpose and dedication, (& a little bit of guidance!) your blog has all essential elements to make it to the top. Regardless of when you decide to start. (Hint: Start TODAY.) Especially when you have my comprehensive “How to start a blog for beginners” guide to help you out!

Blog startup is not as expensive as you’d think. While there are numerous hosting companies (more on that below). Siteground is the only hosting company I recommend.

Don’t have your blog up and running just as yet? & start your blog today.
Start a profitable blog with Siteground for only $1.99/month.
30-day money back guarantee

How much does it cost to start a blog?

Starting a blog is not as expensive as you would think. Starting a blog is actually pretty low cost.

With Siteground’s Hosting + Domain name program you can completely set up your blog for less than $20!
Registering your domain name with Siteground cost $17.99 CAD for the whole year!

If you already own a domain name, it’s even cheaper! You can start your blog for less than $4 with your own domain name! That’s less than your favourite coffee and tea combo at the breakfast drive thru!

While there are so many blogging resources available for bloggers, you don’t need to try every single one! I’ll help guide you through what blogging resources you don’t need to spend your money on in Part 2.

How to start a blog for beginners: The comprehensive guide – Part 1 – website set up

start a blog for beginners

Pick a niche

Your niche is pretty much what you’d like to write about.

Your Niche.

1. a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment
2. a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.


Technically, you can write about anything, but for your niche, I recommend picking something that you are passionate about. Something that sparks your imagination and creativity. Something you have experience on or with, and you’d like to share your experiences and knowledge with others.

Check out this photo from TalkBitz,

Talkbitz blog niche photo

Need some extra inspiration? Here’s a list of popular blogging niches that have worked for many bloggers !

  • Health and Fitness
  • Home Decor
  • Gardening
  • Education
  • Parenting
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Finance

Choose one from the above list or create your own!

Picking a niche is an essential step in starting a profitable blog. So take your time and do all the necessary research.

  • Research your intended audience. What is the estimated audience size of your chosen niche? How many people are interested in your topics and ideas? Or what topics or ideas are they searching for? What products have they been loving?
  • Pick a relevant niche. One that will continue to be relevant for years to come. Please do not pick a niche that is currently trending. Trends go up and down and you don’t want to be stuck when your trend has become outdated.

Hint: Don’t get so stuck choosing your blog niche that you never start a blog. Blogging can be a little bit overwhelming at times. So choose a niche that you are passionate in. I am a firm believer that all blog niches can make money if you’re willing to put in the effort and dedication!

Brainstorm target audience

This is where you get the chance to dive in a little deeper. Once you have picked out your general niche, you want to think a little bit smaller and think of a specific audience.

Lets choose parenting for this example. If your niche is Parenting, you can create posts to speak to a smaller audience. Say single parents, single moms, kids, the list goes on.

By speaking to a smaller audience your are able to connect with them better. Maybe even relate to them better. Create blog posts aimed specifically at them. Solve their problems that may be similar to yours.

build your blog foundation

Let’s think of your blog like a house, & we want to build a really beautiful, strong house. With a really strong foundation. Take a look at how we are going to build you an attractive, strong house(website) that people will love to visit.

Let’s start from Step 1: Your land. Your land is what will house your, well house. We shall think of your land as your Hosting Company. You cannot build anything without land. Likewise, you cannot build a website without a Hosting company + Domain name.

Step 2: The barebones frame of your house. The inside frames, screws and bolts that make up the frameworks of your house. In blogging terms, this is your Blogging Platform.

Step 3: Your attractive walls, windows and doors. The beautifully crafted, enticing entrances that draw visitors in. Your website. You want a beautiful well crafted website with engaging content and visuals to attract visitors to your blog and make them stay.

Don’t have your blog up and running just as yet? & start your blog today.
Start a profitable blog with Siteground for only $1.99/month.
30-day money back guarantee

Pick a hosting company + domain name

Remember my house metaphor from earlier? We need a strong plot of land to support our growing website. Your blog needs the best hosting company to host your blogging platform and website.

Your Hosting Company, provides an accessible spot for your blog on the internet. You can’t have a website without it. So take your time and choose wisely.

Your Blogging Platform is where you will house your posts, and graphics. Your blogging platform is where you will create and publish all of your blog content. Learn more about blogging platforms here.

Some popular blogging platforms are:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly

Choosing a domain name

A domain name is your name for your website. What you want your blog/website to be called. Your domain name is what you want people to type into the address bar.
– URL – Universal Resource Locator.
– Website address. (ex. | |

Domain names aren’t free. . You can pay for your domain name, monthly or annually. (I recommend annually, one time & done!) Remember, it costs money to own a domain name, and if you don’t pay, you can lose your domain name.

When choosing a domain name:

You can choose your personal name or something related to your niche/business. The name “ReallyRushai” just popped into my head one day. My name is Rushai, and really starts with “R”. Cute.
Take some time to think about your domain name. Make it unique and relatable.

Choose a name that is not too complicated or difficult. A blog name that is hard to remember and even harder to type in, will not get you the results that you want. Make your domain name as simple and easy to remember as possible.

Check if your domain name is available. Before getting too excited and beginning to craft your brand logo, make sure to check if your domain name is available for use. If the domain name that you wish to have is taken, there is a possibility to buy the domain name off the website owner, or just think or something else.

Hint: I picked GoDaddy for my domain name before learning how to start a blog. While I have had no problems with their services, if I had to do it over, I would absolutely do it all together with Siteground’s Hosting Company.

Choose right the first time.

How to start a blog for beginners - start your blog with siteground

set up your hosting plan

Click here to get this amazing deal on web hosting! (Hurry, before this price goes up!)

In case you forgot, a hosting company provides an accessible spot on the internet for your blog/website.

A website, is made up of hundreds of files kept on a drive called a server. Every single website out there is stored on a server. When somebody types your domain name into their web browser, their computer will then connect to your website server. & ping! Your website is accessible to them on their browser. Hosting companies provide your website with a server.

Tech talk aside, you cant have a website without a hosting company.

My hosting company is Siteground. I’ll explain why I made the right choice choosing them.

Why pro bloggers choose sitegroung as the best web hosting company

There are so many hosting companies out there, but Siteground is the most common blogging platform used by many bloggers around the world.

  1. Siteground makes setup easy. Great for beginner bloggers learning how to start a blog – You can purchase a domain name and pick a hosting plan all within Siteground’s options.
    Simply just create a username & password + fill out all your important info.
    With Siteground’s Hosting + Domain name program you can completely set up your blog for less than $20!
    Registering your domain name with Siteground cost $17.99 CAD for the whole year! If you already own a domain name, it’s even cheaper!
    You can start your blog for less than $4 with your own domain name! That’s less than your favourite coffee and tea combo at the breakfast drive thru!

  2. In-expensive hosting plans. When you first start your blog, & you’re looking to save your coins before you’ve made them, you can choose Siteground’s “Start Up” plan.
How to start a blog for beginners - start your blog with siteground
How to start a blog for beginners - siteground hosting plan

Although, bear in mind that this plan only allows you to host 1 blog on your Siteground account.

You can always choose to start small and upgrade your plan as your blog grows.

install wordpress

Here’s where we talk Blogging Platforms. The barebone frames of your blog/website. Blogging platforms manage all of the top level parts of your blog. This means your blog posts, pages, images and media.

By choosing the best blogging platform you are able to have full control over your website.

Some popular blogging platforms are:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly

WordPress is hands-down the best blogging platform that you need for your blog.

Start a blog for beginners: Use wordpress

Warning: Make sure you choose and NOT is free & doesn’t give you full control over your blog. Using you have 100% full control over your blog. Learn more about vs here.

Siteground has a 1-click option to set up WordPress on your website. Sign up now!
Alternatively, you can go on your Siteground account and click “Get WordPress Pre-Installed on this account” + follow setup assistant.

Choose a theme

Now we get to the fun part. Choosing the perfect theme can take a little while, so grab a snack and scroll through the many design possibilities for your blog. Many themes offer free and paid versions. Paid versions of themes usually have more advanced options and customizations but don’t worry! You can make your blog absolutely beautiful with free themes.

My blog ReallyRushai is using the Ashe Theme. The free version!

ashe theme for blog

Ashe is the perfect theme for lifestyle, food, and travel blogs. It’s easy to use. Even for those just learning for to start a blog. Ashe features a clean, modern and responsive design. Get Ashe Theme for your blog.

Spend some time trying out different themes.
Choose a design that will help support your blog vision and brand. (For example, if your blog is a cheeky blog about happy moms, a dark, thick theme may not be the best choice.)

If you’re short on time, or would prefer some expert advice, you can always hire a website designer to make your website design dreams come true.

A couple places to find FREE blog themes are:

  • WooCommerce
  • Just Free Themes
  • Alien WP

Now, wasn’t that easy?

You’ve completed Part 1 – How to start a blog for beginners – Website Set Up!

Part 1 was a little bit technical, but you got through it! And the best part is that you only have to do it once!

Congratulations are absolutely in order!
Do you know how many bloggers never get past setting up their hosting plan?

You’re already well on your way to becoming a successful blogger!

You can 100% become a successful blogger! Using my comprehensive guide you have all the tools necessary to start a profitable blog today. Soon you can start earning money from your blog. You can turn your dreams into reality by blogging!

Don’t have your blog up and running just as yet? & start your blog today.
Start a profitable blog with Siteground for only $1.99/month.
30-day money back guarantee

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You’ll learn the best plugins for your blog, how to add pages & link social media accounts. The types of posts to create every month, the best blogging resources to grow your blog & so much more!

How to start a blog for beginners -

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how to start a blog for beginners

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How to start a blog for beginners - start your blog with siteground



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