How to create (& stick to!) A Blog Schedule that works

Create a Blog Schedule that works for you!

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Do you wish to be a highly efficient blogger? Efficiently creating blog posts, pinning & socializing with no problem?

Unfortunately you’re still a bit lost? Trying to keep up with all of the many things to do running a full time blog? Struggling to balance all of the blogging tasks with the tasks of everyday mom life?

Confused on what to post and when? Maybe you’re like me, who loves to write and create. Who can spend hours working on those tasks, neglecting others like blog design and updates?

I was a little fish swimming in the vast blogging ocean.

Floating around aimlessly was not working for me. I noticed that the top bloggers were managing to post regularly, update their site and make time to socialize!

I needed to know their secret..

After extensive research & hours of scouring other blog sites, I had found what I was looking for…

There was no secret. There was no magical cure-all.

What I did find was that many *scratch that, ALL of the productive, efficient bloggers have specially tailored “Blogging Schedules”.

A blog schedule that is individually designed to maximize productivity & make sure that all of the blog tasks & to-do’s get done. All while working around their schedule.

I have taken what I have learned and created my own Blogging Schedule that works around my life.

Using my tips and tricks below, you too can create a blog schedule that is specially designed for you and your life.

Creating a blog schedule can help you be more focused, productive and efficient to skyrocket your blog to the top!

Excited to become a more productive and efficient blogger?

Keep Reading !

Create a blog schedule

Create Blog Goals

The first step to creating a blog schedule that works for you, is to figure out what you want from your blog by creating concrete blog goals.

What is the grand vision that you have for your blog?

Do you want to amass millions of followers? Do want to be a top blog coach or teacher? Or do you just want to share your thoughts and be heard?

Whatever your grand vision or goal for your blog, creating blog goals helps you to really focus on what’s really important for you and your blog. It helps your focus on what exactly you want to create and put out to the world through your blog.

Blog goals also help increase your motivation. Since blog goals help you see your blog vision and where you want your blog to go, it makes it easier to stay motivated. It also makes it easy to plan and make steps to achieve your desired blog “outcome”.

Knowing your desired blog “outcome” can help you schedule in (or plan) the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals. For example, if your goal is to have 1000 page viewers, you can plan days to socialize, and interact in order to attract viewers to your blog. You can then plan these steps into your blog schedule. Step by step, week by week. Getting closer to your goals.

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When to write

In order to reach those grand goals you will need to have excellent blog content to attract readers to your blog. And by excellent blog content, I mean blog posts. That’s what the majority of your viewers come to your blog for. What you have to say, Your content; Your blog posts.

Great posts start with great ideas.

Great ideas become great outlines. Scheduling time to outline your blog posts is crucial. Outlining your blog posts makes writing your blog posts a breeze! Since you have already outlined all of the points that you want to share, you spend less time thinking about what to write, and just write.

write a blog schedule

I usually spend Sunday’s outlining all of the content I want to put out for the week.

I outline my blog posts and my printables that I want to create. I make sure that I include any references and quotes that I may want to add to my posts.

So then when I sit down to write the blog post its super easy! I am able to write a whole blog post in just under an hour!

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I am still an old fashioned pen and paper kind of gal, so after writing my blog post, I go through with my teacher’s red pen and proofread. Once the post has been proofread, I then type it up on WordPress drafts.

When to create

After I’ve written, proofread and typed up my content, it’s time to create my blog post! “Create” means pull it all together. Creating or finding the graphics, and links for your post.

I use Canva and PicMonkey to create 90% of my blog graphics.

Then adding a heading, including links and checking Yoast SEO.

Creating is basically like finalizing your blog post before it’s posted. Making sure it’s 100% ready to go.

I usually do this step the day after I’ve written the blog post. I find it it’s just a little bit easier because the ideas are usually still fresh in my head from yesterday. You can chose to do this step whenever you’d like. When you create a blog schedule it’s important to schedule creating times.

I usually schedule around 1-2 hours twice a week to create my blog posts.

I also use “creating” times to create my printables and digital downloads. I’ve already done the outlines for them on Sunday, so now I’m just filling in the details and making sure it’s ready to go!

When to post

Great blog posts can’t be known as great if no one sees them!

Posting your blog posts is one of the most exciting parts of the schedule!

It’s done! I’ve done it! Look World!

Posting/publishing my blog posts make me feel sooo accomplished!

While posting a blog post may feel absolutely amazing, the key here is to keep that amazing feeling going. 1 blog post every 1-2 months isn’t going to cut it.

I aim to post 2 blog posts per week. You can choose to post more or less. Although, in the beginning, getting as many blog posts onto your site should be one of your main goals if you want to attract viewers.

You should aim for at least one new blog post per week.

latest posts

Scheduling specific posting days can help keep you on track.

Posting + sharing a blog post usually doesn’t take that long, so I like to schedule 30mins-1HR twice a week (because I post twice a week) to post and share my new blog posts.

When you create a blog schedule it’s best to pick whatever days work for you, but keep it consistent! If you like posting on Tuesday’s then always post on Tuesday’s.

While I found that posting times don’t really matter that much, I prefer to post first thing in the morning. I just start my day feeling so accomplished!

make time for blog design

Many people nowadays are very visual. So having a blog with an amazing design & aesthetic can really help your blog stand out!

In the beginning of your blogging journey, there is so much to design. So many pages (home, blog, contact) and so many features (headers, footers, widgets). I recommend scheduling more frequent blog design times till you reach your desired blog look + aesthetic. Keeping the same general look and colour scheme throughout your entire website can help your blog look professional and well put together.

Blog design is one of my favourite activities during the week, I usually have to stop myself from designing alll day!

I have the WordPress Ashe theme & I love it! I love that it has so many customizations and blog design features available.

The Ashe Theme is available in a Free and Pro version.

Download Ashe Here

It’s also important to update your blog designs + graphics frequently to keep things interesting and fresh.

Socialize, socialize, socialize

When you create your own blog schedule, don’t forget to include social times. While this may seem extra, it’s actually quite necessary. You want to interact with your readers.

These times can range anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, but it must be spent socializing and interacting with your viewers and blog friends. This is the perfect time to make new blog friends and join some new Facebook groups.

You don’t want your viewers to think that you are a robot! Interact with them!

I personally like to spend time interacting once during the week and on the weekends.
I like to get a little mid-week chit-chat in, then do full out social interactions on Saturday’s and Sunday’s when I have more free time.

Connect with me

Interactions can be anything from liking and replying to your comments to liking and leaving a genuine comment on another blogger’s post. Make sure you schedule in time to socialize. Even if it’s only 20 minutes a week.

It takes a village to raise a blog.

don’t forget to update!

When the new rolls in, we cannot forget about the old.

Make sure you schedule time to update your older blog posts. Updating helps to keep your content fresh and relevant.

About once a month, I like to go through my older blog posts and give them a quick read through.

Is the information still accurate and up-to-date?

Is there any new information I’d like to add?

It’s good to check to see if any of the pictures or graphics need to be updated. You should also always check (by clicking) the links embedded into your blog posts to make sure that they are not are not broken or expired. Having links that don’t work is not a good look.

So make the habit of updating older blog posts when you can.

Schedule it all in

I have a separate planner that I use strictly for blogging. It just helps me to focus without the other distractions of daily life.

A planner or calendar is extremely useful when you create a blog schedule. A planner that has weekly and monthly views is your best bet.

I use the Happy Planner because it allows me to section out my day + it has really cute stickers!

You can purchase your own Happy Planner here.

Some other planner options are;

Once you have chosen your preferred planner or calendar, you can then schedule allll of the blogging duties and tasks that need to be done.

If planners aren’t for you;

Check out my “weekly Blog Post schedule” printable!

Create A blog schedule

Creating a blog schedule can really do wonders for your blog.

Blogging schedules help you focus on what’s really important and needed for your blog. Making time to write and create blog posts, blog design and updates are some of the tasks you should add to your blogging schedule.

Picking a posting day and being consistent with posting, will give your readers something to look forward to every week!

Don’t forget to socialize!

Remember to tailor your blogging schedule to fit your life and blog goals.

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