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9 Hidden Secrets to being a more Productive and Efficient Mom

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A lot of us have the same wish. Moms want to have it all together. Or at least look like we do. We all want to be a more productive and efficient mom.

Flawlessly taking care of the kids, our careers, the house and our finances.

I feel as moms we ARE responsible for so much.

We strive to be on top of it all, but some days we may fall short. And you know what? That’s completely okay.

Some days it just feels like there weren’t enough hours in the day. (It’s impossible I was given the same 24hrs as Beyonce!) Either due to other full-time or part-time jobs or careers. Or simply just life’s other obligations.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

I feel the same way too somedays being a single working mother. I’m sure many other moms can relate.

Thankfully, I am here to tell you that you can do it all. You can have a super productive and highly efficient day AND still get your beauty sleep! I’m going to help you!

I am going to share with you my 9 hidden secrets to being a more productive and efficient mom.

I have created a FREE Habit Tracking printable for you to use to track your healthy habits, daily habits and more.

A Mama of all trades!

You can be the beautifully organized, have-it-all-together mama you aspire to be! These secrets can help you out.

Plan your day as much as you can

I don’t want you to take this tip lightly. So I cannot stress this enough;

Plan your day as much as you can.

Planning your day can help you focus on what’s really important for the day. By having all of your daily to-do’s planned out, you can see exactly what needs to get done and do them.

Errands and household to-do’s are important too! They should also be planned into your day so that they aren’t forgotten.

You should try to get into the habit of writing out daily to do’s and lists.

Writing the tasks down instead of having them float around in your head, will lead to a less stressful day.

Plus, checking things off of your to do list will have you feeling motivated all throughout the day!

Schedule important appointments and events into your day as well. Your daughter’s ballet recital is this afternoon at 5pm? Plan it into your day so you can leave on time to not be late.

Pizza lunch at little Jimmy’s school tomorrow and he needs $2? Plan it into your day for tomorrow morning so you’re not scrambling for change 10 minutes before the morning bell.

To start your day off right, I recommend going one step further, and planning your day the night before. It allows your to prepare for the next day and can save time in the morning. A Productive efficient mom win!

I plan my days in my Happy Planner. The Happy Planner has daily, weekly and monthly views so I am able to plan in advance.

A planner can really help you see and schedule all of the tasks and appointments for the day, week or month. Planners are also useful at keeping everything all in one place to view and plan ahead.

morning and night routines

Morning and night routines are designed to start and end your day properly. A well designed morning and night routine can help boost productivity during those crucial times.

These routines can be 20 minutes or 2 hours. Create a morning routine catered to fit your lifestyle and habits. These routines should make you feel good about starting or ending your day.

Try to include healthy habits and a little bit of self care even if you’re low on time.

The trick is to try to do the same things every morning and night to create a routine.

Morning routine


Allies of Skin - Cleanser

A well-planned morning routine can help to jumpstart your morning. Try to wake up just a little bit earlier so you can spend a little time to yourself before the day starts. This would be a great time to meditate and journal out your intentions for the day.

Maybe instead or meditation, a rigorous workout is what gets your mind and body ready for the day. Do whatever makes you feel good, happy and ready to start your day!

night routines

Ending your day off right is just as crucial. Strive for a night routine that helps you to unwind, relax and prepare for tomorrow.

For some mamas, daily tasks such as making dinner, evening chores, bath time and bedtime are part of their night routine. Even if you are reaaally tired, preparing lunches and laying out clothes the night before will always be lifesavers in the morning.

After all of the chores are done and the kids are in bed, focus on you. Even if just for 10 minutes.

Do something that you love to do that will put you in the relaxing mood. Dim the lights, read a book, take a bath, journal.


create lists

With all of the tasks big or small floating around in your head, it may seem hard of keep track of it all.

My solution for you;

Create lists. Create lists for everything.

You can create lists for groceries, kids chores, house to do lists, you can even create lists for cleaning schedules, recipes and more!

Lists will help you stay organized. I suggest getting a small notebook you can carry around with you to write down quick lists.


lists to make every month
11 Lists to Create at the beginning of Every month

Completely change your life using these 11 lists to create at the beginning of every month. How to live your most productive life this month.

create trackers

Trackers can help you be a more productive and efficient mom by helping to keep you focused and on track. They help you see/visualize your progress. You are able to see how far you’ve come, and how much closer your are you your goal. You’re also able to keep a record, “Did I ___ today? How about yesterday?

With trackers you can track your healthy habits, finances cleaning routines and so much more!

I have created a FREE Habit Tracking printable for you to use to track your healthy habits, daily habits and more.

Some ideas you can track with this Habit Tracker are;

  • Water intake
  • Exercise
  • Mediation
  • Eating healthy breakfast/dinners
  • Reading ___ number of pages
  • Daily journaling
  • Taking your vitamins

This Habit Tracker WORKS because you are able to see your progress. Whether you decide to fill in the boxes with check-marks or x’s, you can visually see how far you’ve come. Motivating you to continue even when times are hard.
Even if it’s so that you “don’t break your record”. That works too!

Get yours FREE & start tracking your habits today!

plan meals

We all know the feeling; finally done working for the day, it’s time for dinner, but you don’t know what to make. You don’t want to order pizza again.

Having a weekly meal plan will make dinner times a breeze!

Knowing what you’re going to make everyday for dinner for the week will take one less thing off of your mind. Planning ahead helps you to know exactly what you’re going to make and what ingredients you’ll need. Helping you to also save money at the grocery store, because you only buy the items that you know you need!

For quick, future reference, have a list of quick family meal favourites to make meal planning even easier.

add ease to your day with automations

The key here is to automate as much as you can. You’d be surprised at how many things you can automate to take one less things off your plate.

Bills, alarms and reminders can all be automated.

Cool gadgets like Alexa Smart Home can help to automate your days using voice control. Smart home devices, like plugs lightbulbs and home electronics can dim the lights, schedule alarms and play music.

organize finances

Bills take up a good amount of space in my brain sometimes. Maybe you are the same. Did I pay the electricity bill? Wait, when is my credit card payment due again?

This is where automations come into play. Automate your bills as much as you can. You can automate bill payments and money transfers, so you don’t need to constantly remember them.

Having a budget is also a great asset. Personally, I think every money-savvy adult should have, and try to stick to a budget. Tailor your budget to your lifestyle, saving and debt repayment goals.

this is your reminder to review your budget & stop paying for unnecessary expenses.

You know that $16.75 monthly gym membership to that gym that you never go to? Stop paying for that.

Review your budget frequently and make changes if necessary.

Cleaning schedule

Listen moms, we are never going to be able to stop our kids from emptying the lego bin onto the floor for the 6th time today. To me when you have kids, you kind of get used to having your house always slightly messy.

When I say slightly messy, I mean a few toys here and there, leftover crumbs on the carpet.

Creating a cleaning schedule can help maintain the general whole-house cleanliness. A cleaning schedule ensures that every inch of your house gets cleaned on a regular basis. It can help you schedule the areas of the house that need to be cleaned on a daily basis like the kitchen and bathrooms.

latest posts

A good healthy habit to adopt (& track in your Habit Tracker!) is a 20 minute clean up. Pick up any toys lying around, clothes off the floor, load the dishwasher. Put in a load of laundry. You’d be surprised at the difference a quick 20 minute tidy-up can do!

Cleaning schedules can also include areas that need to be deep cleaned or decluttered.
These tasks can be scheduled on a biweekly or monthly basis. Having these tasks scheduled ensures that they do get cleaned and aren’t forgotten.

you can do it

You can be the highly productive and efficient mom that you aspire to be. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra thought and planning.

Planning ahead can really help you be more a organized and productive, efficient mom. Making sure important dates and events aren’t missed

Creating lists for EVERYTHING will help keep your mind less cluttered. Even for little things like errands and books you want to read. Automating as much as you can will help too.

Try your best to start and end your day with healthy habits that make you happy.

Most importantly:

Remember to relax. It’s okay if not everything gets done on time or on schedule every single day. There’s always tomorrow. A new day to try again.

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productive mom

I am always looking for ways to make mom life a little bit easier if I can.

If you have any tips, tricks or mom hacks that you want to share, make sure you leave them below in the comment section.

Hopefully you can take my ideas and implement them into your daily life. Be sure to let me know if they have helped you!



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