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Goal Setting Journal Prompts: December Reflect & Reset Sunday

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Make your goals a reality in 2024. Envision and create your dream life with these goal setting journal prompts.

Journaling is perfect for viewing your progress and planning goals for the new year. Help yourself to grow to your fullest potential day by day, month by month, year by year. These goal setting journal prompts are here to guide you by brainstorming and then creating and doing the steps necessary to achieve the life of your dreams.

Goal setting journal prompts

Start or maintain healthy habits for 2024. You can include positive affirmations, new year goals, and inspiring quotes in your journal.
Reflect on your current habits and goals and ensure that they align with your true self, morals and passions.

Setting goals with clear, actionable steps in necessary for personal growth and self development. The action of writing down your goals makes for a more organized and focused journey.
Plus its scientifically proven that writing your goals down makes the chances of achieving your goal so much higher.


  • Self reflection – learn more about yourself by expressing things that are important to you and make you, you.
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boosts your mental health – Free your mind. Take all those thoughts big and little and free them from your head by writing them down.
  • Increases creativity and dreams – the world is your dream to create into reality. Journaling your goals and accomplishments, dreams and fears is a great way to take a look at who you are and what’s important to you.
  • Great way to process emotions -The simple act of writing our thoughts and feelings down can greatly help with keeping a positive outlook on life. Freeing all of those overwhelming feelings from your head to free up space for more happy, positive thoughts.

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Create a schedule for when you would like to journal and for how long. Ideally, one would aim to journal everyday, but sometimes life does get hectic.
Pick a specific time of the day when you know you will be able to take some down time, and really focus on journaling. Make it a habit and watch how it improves your life!

Grab your journal & let’s begin,

1. What does my dream life look like?

2. My definition of “success” is ________?

3. What are your top priorities in life right now? & why?

4. What are 3 goals I want to achieve this year?

5. What excites me the most about reaching my goals?

6. Set one goal for 2024 that takes you out of your comfort zone.

7. What is holding you back from living your dream life?

8. How do your current goals align with your values and morals?

9. How can I break 2 big goals into small, actionable steps?

10. What are your top 3 long term goals?

11. How can you maintain balance in all areas of your life while pursuing your goals?

12. Is there anything that scares me about my goals?

13. What steps can I take today to bring me closer to my long term goals?

14. List 5 of your passions and interests.

15. If you could be doing anything with your life at this very moment, what would you be doing?

Take charge of your life and crush your 2024 goals this year. Stay focused on your journey of self development and personal growth and you are bound to make it!
I believe in you.

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