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Dollar Store Halloween Decorations: Host a Halloween party on a budget!

Dont burn a hole in your wallet this halloween! 10+ cheap and easy dollar store halloween decorations for a spooky halloween on a budget

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Halloween is slowly creeping up on us, whether your decorating for Halloween night trick or treaters, or hosting your own spooky Halloween party, Halloween decorations don’t need to be expensive this year.
Cheap, easy dollar store Halloween decorations are all you need to have the spookiest, creepiest house decor this year.

Browse to find Halloween Decorations for your front porch, table tops, mantels, living rooms and the whole house!
Many local dollar stores have already started pulling out all their best Halloween decorations. Many dollar stores have a variety of cheap, spooky Halloween decor items.

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations;

  • fake plastic skulls
  • creepy halloween spiders
  • fall pumpkins and leaves
  • burlap and twine
  • spooky halloween candles and candle holders
  • halloween ribbons
  • vases and wreaths

Halloween doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket this year. Buy cheap and easy Halloween decor materials and DIY your own Halloween decorations. Spend quality time with your gamily creating fun, Halloween crafts.
For DIY Halloween decorations, gather all your supplies for a Halloween family craft night.

Craft supplies needed for DIY decorations

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun – available at local Walmarts and craft stores for under $10
  • Acrylic paint – available at Dollar Tree or at Walmart for less than $5
  • Craft Glue – cheap one available on Amazon
  • A craft knife

10 Easy, cheap halloween decorations for your next halloween party

Easy craft that you can make together as a family. Buy cheap dollar store candles and turn them into a spooky Halloween craft that kids can bring as a Halloween party favor. Takes only a few minutes to make and looks oh so cool!

Spooky, festive Halloween skull decor. Made from candleholders and a bit of acrylic paint, these skull decor is sure to scare even the biggest Halloween lover. Using materials found at the dollar store you can decorate each skull individually and give each one their own personality!

3. Paper Bats

Easy to make, fun paper bats. Download the free template here and create these spooky bats with your family this year. Simple craft using paper, scissors and tape.

Fun, Halloween witch prop to display on your front porch or make a topic of conversation at your next Halloween party. Making this funky festive prop will cost you less than $6 to make! This looks way to cool to not try!

Festive, Halloween decor perfect for your fall front porches or living room decor. This super easy Halloween craft costs less that $4 to make and is so easy that even the kids can do it by themselves!

Cute Halloween Ghost craft, only needing 5 supplies and cost less that $7 to make! Create this cute ghost farmhouse sign to decorate your mantels, front porches and living rooms.

Fun, simple Halloween craft that’s super easy to make! These creepy spiders are sure to crawl anyone’s skin! Make this spooky Halloween craft in under 5 minutes with only 3 items!

Cute Halloween front door decor that is not a wreath! Easy to make craft featuring a dollar store foam pumpkin! Show off your personality with your pumpkin decorating skills.

Turn boring glow in the dark dollar store skeletons into cool, modern Halloween skeletons. Fun Halloween skeleton remodel using gold or silver spray paint.

Cool, spooky Halloween craft. Add this spooky Halloween lantern to your Halloween party decor this year.

11. Spiderweb Halloween Candle Holder

These spooky Halloween spider votive holders are so spooky during the day and even creepier at night! All supplies needed for this dollar store Halloween decoration can be found at your local Dollar Tree!

10+ Easy, cheap halloween decorations for your next halloween party

Have fun making these cheap, easy Dollar Store Halloween decorations to add to your Halloween decor this year. Take some of these ideas and make with the family, or on your own & try hosting your own Halloween party this year if you haven’t already! Your Halloween decor is sure to impress!

Have any cheap and fun dollar store Halloween decorations you’d like to share? Leave them below in the comments!

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Dollar Store Halloween Decorations
Dollar Store Halloween Decorations



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