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Cute Heart Nails Perfect For Valentine’s Day

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Looking for the cutest heart nails for your Valentine’s Day manicure? Get into the flirty, romantic mood with pretty, girly, heart nails.

As soon as the New Year’s Celebrations are over, it’s allllll about Valentine’s Day.
Love is in the air. Many stores and online retailers have already started pushing out the sweetest Valentine’s day items.

You may have already started planning your Valentine’s day date ideas, and your gorgeous V-day outfits, hair and makeup.

Don’t forget to include your nails in the romantic festivities with cute heart nails that will make your heart skip a beat. Dainty pink hearts, bold red French tips, and bashful purple and pink retro swirls, you’re sure to find a V-day nail design your heart loves.

Fall in love with your own life and watch how the universe blesses you. Whether you are spending Valentines day with the love of your life, with the girls on Galantine’s day, or simply spending time loving yourself, these adorable heart nails are perfect for getting into the lovey-dovey mood.

Many of these adorable heart hail designs can be recreated at home, or snap a photo and bring it to your next nail appointment.

01 | Embellished Red Hearts


02 | Retro Heart Decals


03 | Glitter Hearts Accent Nail

04 | Red Hearts, Lips and Stars

05 | Edgy Soft Pink French Tip


06 | Retro Hot Pink Nails


07 | Swirly Magenta Hearts

08 | Cute Tiny Hearts

09 | Bloody Heart Nails

10 | Pretty French Tip


11 | Heart French Tips

12 | Flirty Heart French Tips


13 | Ombre Pink Hearts

14 | Long Heart Decal French Tips

15 | Tiny Hearts


16 | Red & Pink Hearts & Diamonds


17 | Red & Pink French Tip

18 | Bold Red Hearts

19 | Wavy Heart French Tips


20 | Hearts Accent Nail


21 | Baby Pink Heart Manicure


22 | Cute Candy Hearts

23 | Pink Glittery French Tip

24 | Red Sparkled French Tip


25 | Heart Claw Nails

26 | Nude Hearts

27 | Hot Pink Long Tips


28 | Ombre Red Hearts


29 | Pink Diamond Nails

30 | Purple and Pink Retro Nails

31 | Pink Arrow Nails


32 | Tic Tac Toe Hearts


33 | Dainty Heart French Tips


34 | Black Hearts

35 | Chrome Pink Nails

Check out these Valentine’s Day inspired nails!

Pin these for your next nail appointment!

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