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These beautiful home libraries are magical and inviting. Daring you to take on the adventures that lie within the pages of a new book.

The winter months make the perfect opportunities to curl up in bed with your favourite book. These cozy home libraries are just what you need to motivate yourself to read more often.

Home libraries no longer need to be stuffy rooms filled with dusty cobwebs. Some of the most stunning home libraries feature sky high windows with dazzling natural lighting.

Having a home library in your home is a relaxing luxury that’s perfect for bookworms everywhere. Its possible for anyone to create their own reading library. You can dedicate a whole room to for your books, create a cozy reading nook or have 1 wall just for your books.

Create a reading corner or magical home library in your own home to inspire you to spend more time reading. Create a comfortable space that’s perfect for you.

Keep scrolling to see the most cozy and inviting home libraries, that you can recreate to spark your inner bookworm.

Add soft, cozy couches, pillows and throws to make your bedroom reading nook a spot that you never want to leave. Perfect for reading a few pages here and there to all day reading event.

Reading nooks work well for small spaces. Bookshelves work well for those with larger libraries. Shelves, boxes, baskets and bins and trolleys, take up little floor space but give you the ability to store quite an amount of books.

“Reading nooks can be in unexpected places,” says Sarah Lederman of Sarah Lederman Interiors. Don’t be afraid to add books to the unexpected and magical spaces throughout your space to create the perfect reading oasis.

Tall bookshelves work well in spaces with high ceilings. Make use of all that vertical space by adding a bookshelf that reaches to the ceiling.

Bookshelves offer a great way to organize books and home decor items to showcase your decor style. Add home decor items such as candles, and plants to liven up your bookshelf.

Display books by grouping them by size or colour. Don’t be afraid to stack your books any which way you like. Use bookends for a more polished, put together look.

“To create a balanced look when styling a bookcase, it is always best to put the biggest tomes lower down, and the smaller reads on the top,” says Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens’ Editor in Chief.

Dark academia is a home style that embraces a a dark vintage studious look. Featuring grand libraries and with a gothic edge and style. Fill your dark academic library with dark, sultry, mysterious books to match the dark vibes of your room.

When going for a whole room with a dark academia look, choose a pallet with darker, moody undertones. Blacks, deep browns, dazzling jewel tones are all great choices.

Add vintage and antique pieces to your room to really pull the whole look together.

Featuring bright white walls, lots of windows with gleaming natural light. These light, carefree home libraries add a whimsical touch to your reading sessions.

Add pops of colour and your favourite home decor items to really transform the space into your own.

Hey, a girl can dream right..?

Create a space that suits your design style and interior space. Inspire yourself to spend more time reading this year.

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