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30+ Back to School Outfits you must wear this Fall

Tired of wearing the same old styles? Switch up your style game this year with these trending back to school outfit ideas.

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Looking for cute back to school outfit ideas to make a statement this year? These are my favourite trending school outfits that you must copy this back to school year.

Fall is one of the best fashion seasons because the cooler temperatures allow us to effortlessly layer our sweaters and cardigans.
Featuring mom jeans, cozy oversized sweaters and trending graphic tees.
Say goodbye to outdated fall outfits and hello to trendy, fashionable styles this back to school season.
I’ve rounded up the cutest, comfortable school outfits for 2023. So go ahead and add these cute fall clothing items to your wardrobe.

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30+ Back to school outfit ideas

Fall Overcoats & Jackets

Lightweight trench coats, warm teddy coats and denim jackets are making a comeback as the cold weather rolls in. Oversized is always trending, especially this year. Keep yourself warm and protected from the seasonal elements while still staying in style. Layer cute dresses, sweaters and skirts under fall outerwear for the perfect back to school autumn look.

Stylish Brown Plaid Overcoat


This statement outerwear makes a bold statement for the fall season. Pair your plaid overcoat with leggings or jeans for a chic fashionable outfit. Choose plaid in neutral colours to not distract from your overall look.

Fall Coat and stockings


Jeans Jacket Overcoat


Denim never goes out of style. Pair oversized denim jackets with fitted, neutral apparel for a soft, feminine look.

Warm Fall Teddy Coat

Back to school outfit

Cool autumn evening staple. Opt for knee high or calf length boots for extra warmth.

Long Trench Coat and jeans

back to school outfits

Chunky Oversized sweaters

Stay warm while the weather changes this year. Chunk oversized sweaters provide you with warm and comfort to last throughout the day. The best part, chunk sweaters are so versatile , you can pair them with almost everything you may already have in your closet. Jeans, skirts, even dresses, oversized chunky sweaters are an absolute back to school outfit staple. For easy pairing options, choose sweaters in neutral fall colours.

Comfy Mini Skirt

Back to school outfit

Cozy sweater & knee high boots


Pair your oversized sweaters with cute flirty skirts for a sweet, feminine touch to a cozy fall outfit.

Oversized sweater and midi skirt

Back to school outfit

Rock this comfortable fall outfit for a warm comfortable day. Perfect for a scenic fall stroll or early morning school classes.

Chunky sweater and short skirt


Cute oversized sweater and booties


Back to school outfits could not get any more chill with this casual oversized sweater outfit.

Stylish fall sweaters


autumn neutrals

Neutral colours are a must have for fall. They are simply so versatile to compliment all the clothes in your closet. Neutral pieces are classic and timeless and can be worn throughout the year. If you still consider yourself to be a fashion beginner, start out with basic t-shirts and camisoles, then expand your love for neutrals to sweaters, pants and outerwear.

Neutral Professional

Back to school outfit

Add some professionalism to your look with neutral straight trousers. The best part about neutral colour? They look amazing with other neutral colours! Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Casual Neutral Outfit


Neutral Black and White

back to school outfits

Who says black and white has to be boring? Mix prints and styles to find your perfect black and white fall look. Add a pop of a bold fall colour for a fun outfit accent. Or keep makeup and accessories minimal to let the natural black and white shine.

Edgy Fall moto Looks

Moto & full length dresses

Back to school outfit

This cool, edgy look is perfect for the ever changing fall weather. Rock with knee high boots or booties to complete this edgy look.

Baggy Leather Pants & Corsets

Back to school outfit

Edgy but yet, feminine. Showcase your personality.

Leather shorts and a pop of colour

back to school outfits

Stylish, edgy and comfortable. Moto shorts are a trending outfit staple you must add to your wardrobe this fall season. Add bright colours to moto apparel for a show stopping look.

Stylish fall trousers

Keep those legs warm and stylish all fall and winter season. Trousers are comfortable and trendy for all occasions. Choose fun patters or bold fall colours to incorporate into your fall wardrobe this year.

Stylishly Striped


Pair these striped pants with just about anything! Add cardigans and sweaters for a warm layered look.

Trendy Business Trousers

back to school outfits

Blazers add a business-like look to any outfit. Trousers are so versatile, you can choose to dress them up or down.

Perfectly Plaid

Plaid will forever be trending for fall. From traditional red and black to gingham, and houndstooth, try out different styles to see what styles you like best. Plaid is definitely making a comeback this this Fall and Winter 2023-2024. You don’t want to miss out!

Baby Blue Plaid Shacket

Back to school outfit

This chic look is great for cute fall photoshoots and romantic afternoon walks. Shackets are versatile overcoats that can paid with just about anything!

Plaid Mini Skirt and turtleneck sweater


Turtlenecks are an absolute fall wardrobe staple. For fancy fall evenings, opt for snug fitting turtlenecks. For school time and afternoon fall adventures, warm, oversized turtlenecks will have you comfy and cozy all day long.

Plaid and ripped Jeans


Crop tops and flannels

back to school outfits

Casual back to school outfit for everyday wear. Crop tops and shorts on those hot autumn days. Then witch it up with jeans or skirts on those cooler fall days to really show off your fashion style.

Comfy back to school Cardigans

Fall season bring cooler temperatures, and the need to layer up. Comfy cardigans are necessary for your back to school outfits. Oversized and longline sweaters will keep you warm and cozy no matter the seasonal temperature. Cardigans with pockets can help you keep lip balms and other small accessories safe. Cardigans are perfect for afternoon classes, fall adventures and ready cozy books on your front porch.

Long Cardigan & Knee High Boots

Back to school outfit

Cozy longline cardigans

back to school outfits

Keep your whole body warm from head to toe! Cardigans with pockets are definitely the best ones!

Cute Fall Dresses

Who doesn’t love a cute fall dress with stunning booties? For back to school, opt for more causal designs and fits to stay comfortable throughout the day. Wear your cute summer dresses all through fall and winter seasons by adding stockings and some warm layers.

Mini plaid dress

back to school outfits

Plaid dresses are a absolute fall outfit staple. On their own, or paired with complementing pieces, this cute fall staple deserves to be front and center this year.

Casual Streetwear Dress

back to school outfits

Warm Thanksgiving dress


Turn heads in show-stopping Thanksgiving inspired dresses. Belts are an easy way to jazz up any outfit.

Flirty orange dress and fall boots

back to school outfits

Orange is a statement fall colour that you must add to your autumn wardrobe this year. Pretty orange dresses are always trendy during the fall season.

Corduroy Dress


Nothing says “fall” more than a corduroy dress!

Casual Fall Dress

back to school outfits

Fall Maxi dresses


Perfect for Thanksgiving dinners or warm evening strolls.

Perfect Fall patterns

From bold geometric prints to cool, casual stripes. The bold, colours of fall demand bold prints and patterns. New to the pattern world? Start with trending accessories and simple pieces to avoid pattern overload.

Green Patterned Skirt

Back to school outfit

Comfy, sporty back to school fall look. Easy, stylish fall pairing that’s ready for any occasion. Switch out running shoes for a dressy fall shoe for a classier look.

Fun fall rompers

back to school outfits

Rompers still remind me of summer! Squeeze some fun into the last warm days with cute rompers. Chose cute girly designs or trending fall fashions.

back to school Fall skirts

Flirty Skirts and knee high boots

back to school outfits

Flirty fun skirts are always on trend. Pair with turtlenecks, sweaters and blazers for a cute back to school outfit look.

Comfy layers and midi skirts

back to school outfits

Plaid Mini Skirt

back to school outfits

This look just screams fall. Do I really need to say anything more? Try this look today!

Baby blue plaid skirts

back to school outfits

Lets keep summer going as long as we can with cute mini skirts. Back to school outfits with fun, cute skirts will always remind you of those awesome summer days. An instant fashion pick me up!

Back to school outfit ideas

Add these cute back to school clothing ideas to your fall wardrobe this year!

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