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Spring Wallpapers For a Breath Of Fresh Air | Spring Aesthetic

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Spring feels like new beginnings. An awakening of all things laying dormant. These spring wallpapers will renew and refresh you with the calming essence of spring.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. The smell of sweet warm air, birds chirping, flowers pushing through the earth. All these things make my heart smile with the anticipation of spring. Plus all of the wonderful celebrations like Easter and Mother’s day is celebrated in the spring.

The spring season is full of transformations and new beginnings. Starting over and starting fresh. After months of cold and gloomy weather, the sun finally decides to stick around longer, promoting new growth and life. The world comes alive with full vibrant colour, sound and energy.

During the spring season, our own moods pick up and we tend to feel happier and more energized. The extra rays of sunlight release more serotonin (the happy hormone), in our brains causing our spirits to rise.

Spring is a cool and breezy preparation for the hot summer months ahead. Longer days and warmer nights just teasing at our senses.

The best way to add these festive winter wallpapers is to view and download them directly from your phone, it just makes the process so much easier 🙂

Simply, click and hold the photo of your choice to “save image” to your phone.

Once downloaded, view the photo in your camera roll, click the “share” button & then “Use as wallpaper.”

& voila!

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